Importance of Restaurant Appeal: Spruce up the Décor with Planters

In the world of food and beverage establishments, decorative features matter a lot. In the era of Instagram that we’re living in, almost every coffee, cocktail and meal is photographed and posted online so that everyone can see it. Restaurant owners and managers are constantly implementing new aesthetically pleasing and functional additions to their spaces. From serving trays that make a world of difference in the foodservice, to restaurant planters filled with lively greenery, there are a lot of ways to improve your restaurant appeal.

Restaurant planters are a great way to get a breath of fresh air in the form of restaurant plants. You can use mobile planter boxes to accent a doorway, highlight a walkway, create new areas within your restaurant or frame an outdoor patio. With modern self-watering designs, with just a little bit of attention, you can achieve so much. The following features might help you understand how restaurant planters can enhance the decor and ambience of your establishment.

Add a Colourful Touch of Décor

Strategically placed plant life can transform the vibe and atmosphere of a restaurant for the better and can be used to amplify both indoor and outdoor spaces. The key is to find the right commercial restaurant planters to reflect your design, align with your ambience, and work well in the places where you plan to put them. You can add a touch of green with spider and Calathea plants or grow mint, basil and other plants that you can also use in the kitchen. Colourful flowers are also a great choice, as they offer amazing contrasts and textures.

You can opt for a stylish Accoya Pine planter that can ideally suit a range of different weather conditions and changing plant requirements. You can easily find sophisticated designs of restaurant planters that are also mobile online. This feature can help you take advantage of a sunny spot in the day and wheel the planter indoors at night. For better convenience, you can opt for a raised design that allows you to pick, prune and water your garden without bending.

Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable

Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable with restaurant planter

Customers need inviting and joyful atmospheres to escape the daily sceneries of their own homes. Plants can be an easy solution to that problem. Adding some greenery to your restaurant can help you create a more inviting atmosphere and attract more clients. When people are more connected to nature, they fell more comfortable and happy. Humans are hardwired to love the shapes, colours, and sounds of the natural world. Plants make people feel relaxed, happy, and at home – all things you want your customers to feel – and relate to the experience of your restaurant.

Another reason why cafe planter boxes are so popular is that plants are excellent air purifiers. Several reliable studies highlight the fact that the use of plants indoors helps to reduce toxins and pollutions in the air. Your customers might appreciate the fact that your business caters to their overall comfort and health, so adding a few plants can help up the standards of your location.

Can Define Spaces and Affect Movement

Investing in a few mobile planter boxes can benefit your restaurant in more ways than just adding visual interest and cleaning the air. You can use your elegant restaurant planters to define and demarcate spaces in the public realms. Hard-wearing but good looking, when used strategically, planters can divide spaces, segregate zones and clearly separate pathways from other areas. They can also be used to hide unsightly areas, to act as subtle visual and physical access barriers, or simply to enhance dead space between commercial buildings and roads.

The best restaurant planters for this purpose are raised planters that have integrated wheels that are easily movable. This feature allows you to rearrange your barriers if needed, move inside your plants if there’s a storm coming, and change your sections with ease. When choosing restaurant planters to help you transform your business and landscape, opt for self-watering planters that are convenient require minimal attention.

Self-Watering Planters Are Extremely Convenient

Dining room greenery is perfect for Instagram, but only if the plants are alive. To have a beautiful representation of flowers and greenery in your establishment, you need to regularly water your plants and place them on a sunny spot. Fortunately, modern self-watering pots make it easy for every restaurant to have flourishing greenery without creating too much fuss about when was the last time someone actually watered the plant.

Modern restaurant platers come with an integrated self-watering system that allows your plants to take all the water they need. You simply need to top up the reservoir occasionally and let your plants self-water. These planters feature a water reservoir level indicator that allows you to check if your plants need water with just a glance.

A self water pot helps minimise the amount of water wasted. Thanks to the soil cover above the reservoir, the water does not evaporate easily but slowly releases into the soil. The closed system keeps the nutrients within the actual environment, which provide proper growth to your plants. Self-watering planters also have generous soil depth and volume that provides root systems with adequate and deep watering. They enable consistent watering at every depth in the pot without the danger of water stagnation or root rotting.