Importance of Vehicle Diagnostic Tools

Mechanics, car dealerships, and ordinary vehicle owners have been using second-generation onboard diagnostic (OBD2) tools for almost 2 decades to troubleshoot their cars and trucks.

These devices are designed to retrieve and display real-time diagnostic trouble code (DTC) data from a vehicle’s ECU on practically every aspect of its operation. Information on anything from a faulty parking light circuit or window motor, to a sudden drop in fuel pressure or turbocharger boost, can create a trouble code, and depending on a vehicle’s make, model, and complexity, there are thousands of possible trouble codes that can be generated.

Although the current generation of onboard diagnostic tools works from a standardized format for all vehicles, not all diagnostic tools are the same. Some are simply more reliable and feature-rich than others, and there’s one such range of Australian-made OBD2 tools that are head and shoulders above the rest in both categories.

Codebreaker OBD2 Diagnostic Tools Prevent Damages

Codebreaker OBD2

Let’s face it: there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a Check Engine light the moment you start your car. It could be as simple as a loose vacuum hose or as complex as an engine timing or fuel delivery issue; but no matter what it is, a Codebreaker handheld or dash-mounted OBD2 reader will let you quickly diagnose and troubleshoot the problem before costly damage occurs.

With all Codebreaker diagnostic tools for cars, you have the ability to instantly:

  • Scan, read, and display ECU-generated trouble codes;
  • View vehicle information at the time the trouble code occurred; and,
  • Clear DTCs, and reset Check Engine and other malfunction lights when necessary.

Codebreaker OBD2 scan tools let you do much more than basic powertrain diagnostics, though. With careful data analysis, you’re also able to:

  • Observe which powertrain parts and components are wearing out quicker than others;
  • Visualize how driving habits are impacting wear and tear on components; and,
  • Determine how to reduce specific causes of wear and tear.

Crucially, Codebreaker engine code readers and scanners give you the opportunity to head off foreseeable problems. A fuel delivery issue could, in fact, be an indicator of a potential problem in an otherwise unrelated area, but Codebreaker onboard diagnostic tools give you the visibility to track the problem down before it escalates.

2 Types of Codebreaker Scanners to Choose From

There are 2 different types of Codebreaker OBD2 car code readers, and choosing the right one depends on how you plan to use the tool.

The Codebreaker handheld OBD2 Scan Tool & Code Reader is ideal for either professional or DIY mechanics who typically need to perform top-level code analysis on multiple vehicles. They’re convenient, pocket-sized readers that plug into any OBD2 or EOBD-compliant port, on any 8V – 25V vehicle.

The Codebreaker 4-Mode OBD2 Car Computer reader, however, is more of a diagnostic tool: it’s a dashboard-mounted scanner that gives you both trouble code analysis and vehicle performance data. With this easy-to-install tool, you can observe aspects of your vehicle’s performance that the ECU may not even be monitoring, giving you a range of both troubleshooting and preventive visibility that other car scanners can’t offer.

Codebreaker’s Optimal Handheld OBD2 Code Reader

 Handheld OBD2 Code Reader

Make no mistake: today’s compact handheld diagnostic code readers are able to give ordinary drivers a look into their engine’s and transmission’s performance that would have been unthinkable a generation ago without an expensive trip to a dealer. That’s precisely the kind of device that Codebreaker’s handheld OBD2 car scanner is designed to be: one that allows you to personally detect and identify system problems that could either leave them in a jam, or at the mercy of an unscrupulous mechanic.

With the Codebreaker handheld car code reader and its professional codes database, you’ll have:

  • Visibility to the exact cause of any Check Engine, or other malfunction indicator lights (MILs);
  • Real-time data streams and the ability to freeze frame data;
  • The option to disable or reset any or all Check Engine or warning lights;
  • An instant view of your vehicle’s I/M (emissions) readiness status; and,
  • Access to vehicle ID number (VIN), and other vehicle-specific information.

And when it comes to readability and practicality, Codebreaker’s handheld also features:

  • A 128 x 64 dot matrix monochrome viewing screen;
  • Intuitive setup and scanning functionality; and,
  • A multilingual operating system.

Codebreaker’s handheld OBD2 code reader is the optimal, low-cost solution for garages, fleet operators, and DIYers who have more than one vehicle, and want to have quick access to performance information at all times.

However, if you only have one vehicle and want to maximize the amount of performance data that a car code scanner can give you about your powertrain, then you need to step up to Codebreaker’s dashboard Scanner Computer.

Codebreaker’s 4-Mode OBD2 Scanner Computer

OBD2 Scanner Computer

Codebreaker’s 4-Mode OBD2 Scanner Computer is the next step from their groundbreaking handheld scanner. 4-Mode innovation incorporates all of the handheld’s real-time performance capabilities with essential driving and fuel consumption data, and fits them into an easy-to-read dashboard unit.

The 4-Mode’s convenience places a full complement of information at your fingertips, letting you have full powertrain and operating data directly from your ODB2 port.

Mode 1: Scan Tool.

The Codebreaker’s core scan tool consists of all the advanced trouble code and auto scanner tool features that are built into their powerful handheld units, including:

  • Reading and clearing trouble codes, and monitor resetting;
  • Easy Check Engine and malfunction indicator troubleshooting; and,
  • I/M readiness status.

Mode 2: Digital Gauges.

The Codebreaker’s digital gauge utility is an engine diagnostic tool that gives you real-time engine performance data together with simultaneous readings that include:

  • Complete fuel system status information;
  • Precise fuel rail, intake manifold, and intake air pressure readings;
  • Exact engine RPM and coolant temperatures;
  • Your calculated engine load value and ignition timing; and,
  • Airflow rate and commanded secondary air status.

Mode 3: Trip Computer.

The Trip Computer is a useful engine reader that’s built into the Codebreaker to help you manage fuel consumption and a range of related factors, which include:

  • Maximum and average driving speed;
  • Driving time and distance;
  • Fuel used and trip fuel economy;
  • Time and distance to empty; and,
  • Engine power.

Mode 4: Data Memory.

Unlike any other OBD2 scanner for sale, the 4-Mode Codebreaker can save up to 300 hours of driving and trip data that can be used to identify when, where, and even how a trouble code was created, including:

  • Time and date of each trip;
  • Distance travelled and top speed during each trip;
  • Number of times of extreme acceleration and deceleration during each trip;
  • Number of times of hard acceleration and braking overall; and,
  • Average speed and fuel consumption data.

In short, the 4-Mode Codebreaker is a true forensic tool for performance, trouble code, and even root cause data. It’s the last word in diagnostic tools for car owners who’re serious about staying on top of their vehicle’s efficiency.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, when you see a Check Engine, or another malfunction indicator, you want to learn as much about it as quickly as you can. It’s a warning you simply can’t afford to ignore, especially if you’re heavily reliant on your car or truck for work or travel.

Fortunately, today’s vehicles are smarter than they’ve been, which is why a Codebreaker handheld or dash-mounted OBD2 reader is just the instrument you need for identifying and troubleshooting malfunctions. They can help you to diagnose any ECU-triggered problem your vehicle has, and even help you get ahead of the next problem before it becomes a problem.