The Importance of a Proper Fit When it Comes to Your Shoes

wide fit mens shoes

As someone that has pretty large feet, I can attest to the fact that buying shoes is the single most annoying thing I have to do every few months. Whereas the standard procedure when it comes to buying shoes is to go in the shop and start trying out the pairs you like, I have to do things a bit differently. Standard procedure for me in walking into a shop, asking what shoes they have in my size and picking out something from that limited range of choices (if they have any at all). Ironically, I wear out my shoes by walking around town looking for a new pair I can wear. It’s a vicious circle.

If you are also someone that is having trouble in this particular area, then I may have some good news for you. You see, the thing that a lot of people don’t realize, and the thing that took me a long time to figure out is that the length of the shoe was never the problem. The width, on the other hand, was. We were all going by the assumption that every foot is the same and has roughly the same dimensions, when that is not the case. In truth, feet come in many different shapes and sizes, but luckily, so do shoes. Meaning that you simply weren’t looking for the right kind to fit your foot type.

mens wide fit casual shoes

The easiest solution to your problem is to get yourself some mens wide fit casual shoes that will let you finally feel comfortable and make shoe shopping much easier. One of the best things about the mens wide fit casual shoes is that they can come in as many different styles, materials and sizes as any other shoe. This means that not only can they provide you with as much variety as you will ever need, but they will also make sure that you actually have more choice than in any standard shoe store. Additionally, this will also allow you to have much more freedom when it comes to choosing the right footwear for a certain occasion and not dreading having to force your way into a pair that doesn’t fit but seems appropriate for the event.

I should mention that having a large foot and having a wide foot aren’t necessarily synonymous. What I mean by this is that it is completely possible to have a good fit on the sides but still feel constricted at the front. In these cases, a larger shoe size is the only option. However, if you get a sense of claustrophobia when you are in the shoes and you feel like your toes are constantly in a vice whenever you take a step, then you could undoubtedly benefit from some men’s wide shoes.