Exploring the Importance of Proper Nutrition for Your Dog

Having a dog as a pet is a reward in itself. Dogs are the most loving, grateful and loyal creatures and keeping them happy is of great importance for their well-being. And since nutrition plays a crucial part in their development, it’s important that your furry bud receives the needed dose of proteins, minerals, vitamins, fats, and carbohydrates on a daily basis. Without the proper pet products, your dog won’t be able to maintain his muscle tone, perform his normal daily activities, and fight-off infections. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

hungry puppy

Muscle Tone & Body Condition

Except for water, one of the most essential nutrients in a dog’s diet are proteins. As an integral part of the body cells, dogs are in need of protein in order to build muscles and to keep their tissues, organs, skin, and hair healthy. Since every single cell in the body is made up of protein, this nutrient is important for repairing damaged cells but also for creating new ones. So, making sure your furry pal consumes protein on a daily basis is a must.

Skin & Hair Coat

Typically, dogs that have rich and shiny coats are in good health, which is a result of properly consuming the needed amount of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Except for the hair, these acids can make the overall dog’s skin healthier and thicker, otherwise, the skin will become dry, leading to hair that is prone to breaks and splits. Another important thing to know about Omega-3 fatty acids is that they can have anti-inflammatory effect to reduce itching and some other possible skin irritations caused by environmental conditions or allergies.

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Digestion & Elimination

The main “culprit” for dogs’ proper digestion and elimination are carbohydrates. Proper digestion is important so that the dog can make use of all the nutrients of the food so that the body can easily get rid of the waste products. According to vets, the dog’s food should provide him with all the needed nutrients while producing minimal stool.

Immune System & Prevention of Disease

Vitamins and minerals are an essential part of a dog’s nutrition as they can improve his immune system while helping the metabolism function normally. For example, vitamins are great in reducing the damage done to the body cells on a daily basis, while minerals promote the normal functioning of the cells. Generally speaking, plants and animal pet products are the richest in vitamins and minerals which means that it’s of the essence to get the right ones for your specific type of dog.

When it comes to choosing the right food for dogs, there is a great variety of pet products on the market you can choose from. But according to vets, not all of them can provide dogs with the needed nutrients. Keep in mind that spicy foods are not the best option for dogs as they can easily wreak havoc in your furry friend’s digestive system.

dog eating fish

Shrimp & Fish

Just like for human beings, fish and shrimps are great to be consumed by dogs as well. This is because they are full of Omega-3, good fats, and amino acids, but also with proteins and vitamins. The one and only thing to remember when feeding a dog with fish is that it needs to be cooked and cleaned from any bones, even the smallest ones. According to vets, giving a dog to eat fish twice a week is more than enough.

Chicken, Turkey & Pork

Chicken and turkey are other great sources of protein – they should be cooked, minced and unseasoned. You should make sure that both chicken and turkey meats are skinless and free from excessive fat and bones. This is very important as poultry bones can splinter in the dog’s digestive system, causing a blockage or a tear in the intestines. Pork, on the other hand, is another type of food that your dog can eat as it is high in protein and full of amino acids. When compared to the other types of meat, pork contains more calories which means that it should be consumed moderately.

dog looking at eggs


According to vets, eggs are another type of food that’s appropriate for dogs but only if fully cooked. Otherwise, raw eggs, especially whites, can give your dog biotin deficiency. Eggs are also a great source of protein and proven, which is great for calming an upset stomach.


Who says that popcorn is to be eaten only with your loved one when watching a movie? You can easily share your favourite snack with your furry pal without a problem. Popcorn is high in riboflavin and thiamine which are great for keeping the eyes in good health while improving the digestive system. It also contains small amounts of protein and iron, but in order to receive all of its nutrients, dogs should consume popcorn in plain air-popped form, without salt and butter.

canned dog foods

Canned Dog Foods

Last but not least, canned dog foods are the ideal and easiest way to feed a dog. The ones with high meat content are enough for dogs to receive the needed daily amount of protein. If your pet doesn’t like canned foods because of their texture/structure, you can moisten them with milk, broth or stock.