The Importance for a Stress-Free Air Travel with a Dog: Get Professional Assistance

While in the past it took people months to travel abroad, nowadays thanks to planes it’s as fast as can be, only taking up a few hours, or a day or two, depending on how far the destination is. When having a dog, your best buddy, your canine family member, it’s needless to say no holiday or relocation would be the same without it – yes, even the far off trips.

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However, organising air travel with pets can surely complicate things, especially if you don’t know what to do first. It’s important to start with the preparation as soon as possible, in other words months in advance, so you can get all the paperwork done, as well as the necessary check-ups. You can always seek the help of professionals who have tons of experience with dog shipping international flights, so you’d have someone to rely on throughout the whole trip, even prior to it, and after once the destination has been reached.

Not only would you get assistance with flight booking using the most direct route, and flight check-in, but you can also count on detailed information about quarantine and customs requirements of the country where you intend to go which is of great importance since different countries have different rules on dog import permits, quarantine period, quarantine and customs clearance.

What this means is when relying on professionals with the dog shipping international travel, you’d be a step ahead and have just the right time to carry on with the rest of the preparations for the trip. Furthermore, other services you can expect to get are detailed itinerary, veterinary services (from blood tests, health check-ups, and vaccinations, to microchipping) from a quarantine accredited veterinarian, and pre-flight walk and play, so you can rest assured your dog gets the needed physical activity to relax before the trip.

Per request, you could also have your pet delivered to the new residence from the destination airport, as well as help with the choice of specialised airline approved kennel, so taking all of this into account, you can really have the assistance every step of the way. This is an important investment to make when travelling with a pet because it would save you the trouble, time, and money too.

In the end, it all makes up for a hassle-free trip, so neither you nor your beloved dog would have to go through stress. You probably know by now how sensitive dogs’ sense of smell is, and you can bet they smell stress too, and reflect it at that. Leaving it in the hands of professionals means you can sit back and enjoy the trip.