The Importance of Having Water Filters When Camping/Hiking

As we all know, Australia is considered one of the world’s most desired camping destinations thanks to the native wildlife, lush rainforests, breathtaking coastlines and landscapes. And since the number of campers/hikers has increased significantly, the Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Industry has grown a lot over the past few years. This means that now, nature lovers have more freedom to explore the astonishing Australian nature while feeling comfortable and safe at night.

And while all this is pretty amazing, the most important thing hikers and campers should have in mind (especially the new ones) is hydration. Keeping yourself properly hydrated, especially under the hot Australian sun is fundamental, and the best way to do that is to stock up on clean water. Although carrying clean bottled water with you is completely doable, carrying lots of it is not the ideal solution when camping for several days, so investing in water filters is the more reasonable option.

When it comes to water filters Australia camping experts state that these portable water solutions can dramatically improve your camping and hiking experience. The first and most obvious reason is that you won’t have to carry a lot of water with you. Instead, you can use the filter to refill your water container as you go, so you can have completely clean water anytime and anywhere you go. Plus you can save a lot of money as the water sold at the start of the trails is unreasonably expensive. By investing in water filters Australia you can get an easily portable water solution that you can carry with ease, but most importantly, water that is bacteria, larvae, virus and protozoa free.

In comparison to the past, today’s water filters are lightweight, with a clean and simple design, but mighty enough to kill all those harmful pathogens present in these kinds of water sources. But just like with everything else, there are different types of water filters meaning some are more efficient than others. For example, while all of them guarantee the removal of bacterial, protozoan and sediments, not all of them can remove parasites and viruses. That being said, you choice should mainly depend on your budget, your planned location and the type of activity, so before making any purchase, make sure that you have gone through all water filter models and types.