The Importance of Wearing Width-Appropriate Shoes and Where to Find Them

Extra Wide Fit Shoes
Finding footwear that’s stylish, yet comfortable can be quite difficult. This is especially true for people who have extra wide or broad feet. If you’re one of those people, you should never settle for regular shoes just because they look good, but are causing you discomfort. Don’t think that you’ll eventually stretch them out, or that you’ll just wear them with relaxed laces and they will fit better. You’ll eventually end up with unbearable pain and you’ll soon find yourself back to step one – looking for new, wide shoes to buy.

Moreover, feet growth in kids is one of the fastest growths in the human body. With that said, if you’re buying footwear for one of your kids, you should take that into consideration as well. Children can experience a lot of health problems and general discomfort if they don’t wear proper footwear, and they’ll have to deal with those problems for the rest of their lives. Simply put, don’t settle for regular shoes if you have wide or broad feet, instead, look for extra wide fit shoes specifically.

wide fit shoes

The first thing you need to do when shopping for extra wide fit shoes is know your true shoe size. A lot of people will typically opt for a larger shoe size, thinking that lengthier shoes also means wider shoes. Although this is partly true, wearing lengthier shoes can be uncomfortable and should be avoided if possible. This is of utmost importance if you’re buying sports shoes that need to fit your feet tightly in order to avoid injuries like ankle sprains.

Next, shop with retailers that cater to extra wide shoes specifically. Nowadays, you can find these types of retailers in almost every city. If your town/city doesn’t have one (which is highly unlikely), you can always turn to the internet and look there. In fact, the internet has a broad range of wide shoe models – from dress to walking shoes – so you’ll find yourself able to choose from a wide range of brands and different types. Generally, retailers will have a filter option for extra wide shoes so you can only look at models that meet your specific needs.

But besides shoe size, you should also pay close attention to the materials the shoe is made of. Generally, softer fabrics cater better to people with wider feet. Suede, denim and leather are all great options. If you pick the right shoe size with the right type of material, you’ll notice a slight improvement in posture and a significant improvement in comfort. That will translate into an improved posture and general stance, which then leads to you looking more confident and better overall.