How Important Is Car Inspection

pre purchase inspection

Whether planning to buy or sell a car, there are few steps that need to be followed in order to determine car’s driving condition. The first thing you need to do is to take the car to a vehicle service Melbourne shop and have all major elements checked. Your mechanic will supply you with detailed pre purchase car inspection. It is very important for the car to be roadworthy before you decide to sell it or buy it. In fact, in Victoria, to improve roads every vehicle that is to be sold or a used vehicle to be re-registered, must go through pre purchase car inspection.

One of the major reasons why pre purchase car inspection is required is to improve the safety. Driving the car that hasn’t been inspected at a reputable vehicle service Melbourne shop may leave you in the middle of a highway. To avoid such scenario, make sure you bring the car to a vehicle service Melbourne shop to have the fluids changed, engine checked and other car parts essential for complete safety. Pre purchase car inspection will prevent future costly defects that may occur while driving.

If you decide to purchase a used car do not buy it before performing a pre purchase car inspection. A licensed mechanic will give you an objective opinion whether the car is a good investment or will it cause headaches in the long run. Also, do not leave a deposit because if the car gets returned from the inspection you will lose the money. To avoid things like this, have your mechanic perform a pre purchase car inspection to determine the cosmetic, mechanical and safety condition of the car before you become an official owner.

Pre purchase car inspection is important when buying a used car since you have no previous information on the history of the vehicle. That is why it is of extreme importance to ask for this report, but still conduct own pre purchase car inspection. The reason – the seller will not include in his report the actual condition of the car, previous car accidents or other serious repairs. Therefore, search online for a reputable vehicle service Melbourne shop that can supply you with full report on vehicle’s true condition. The licensed mechanic will do a comprehensive safety check and thus save you money on future repairs.

Vehicle inspection is not only required when buying or selling a car brand, but also if you plan to re-register a brand new vehicle or transfer a registration from interstate. Once the car is registered, not further inspection will be required if it stays with the same owner. However, if the car is spotted with faults, a defect notice will be issued by the Australian Capital Territory. Due to this, having your car checked once in a while is ideal to keep your car in a good driving condition and avoid costly repairs.