Important Considerations When Choosing Bar Stools for Your Kitchen

With kitchens being the hub of activity in the modern home and counters the preferred choice over dining tables, bar stools are also becoming an increasingly popular household item. They allow for friends and family to keep us company while we prepare meals, and give us a convenient spot to have our morning coffee, or a drink at the end of the day. So yes, every modern kitchen needs some bar stools. If you’ve finally convinced to enhance yours with a stylish set of bar stools, here are all the important things to consider.

Materials Matter

When it comes to choosing the material of your bar stools, you need to have two things in mind: ease of maintenance and the style of your kitchen. For a more traditional looking kitchen, wood counter height bar stools are the obvious choice. On the other hand, plastic and metal stools fit best in modern style kitchens. A mix of wood and metal is commonly seen in industrial style environments. And when it comes to ease of maintenance, stools with leather seats are the easiest to keep clean as they don’t collect dust and are stain-resistant. However, leather will make you sweaty once temperatures start rising. Fabric seats are more breathable, but they require frequent cleaning, especially if they’re in a lighter colour.

Choose the Right Height

Height is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing bar stools, as you definitely do not want something that’s much higher or lower than your counter. So considering this, you need to properly measure your counter before you can settle for a particular height. The rule of thumb is to always leave at least 20cm between the stool’s seat and the surface of the counter to ensure people feel comfortable when sitting and using the counter. But if you want your stools to be able to match with a variety of counter heights, it’s always a smart move to get metal or wood counter height bar stools with an adjustable seat.

Look for Features that Increase Comfort

While backless stools look more refined and stylish, it’s bar stools with backs that will make you feel the most comfortable if you spend a lot of time sitting on them. A foot rest is another feature designed to enhance your comfort, but if your counter already comes with a bracket underneath, you might not need it. If you do need somewhere to place your feet, consider getting barstools with adjustable foot rests to accommodate different people. Upholstered seats, whether with leather or fabric, are a lot more pleasant to sit on than bare seats are.