How Important Is Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaners Melbourne

According to some studies, a normal house with six rooms collects around 18 kilograms of dust, allergens and dirt each year in the air duct system. This can be a huge problem, considering that 40 000 dust mites can grow in just 30 grams of dust. This dust contains different kinds of bacterias, mold and fungi which are very harmful to our health. Sometimes, the indoor air can be even five times more contaminated than the outdoor air. What is even worse, the contaminated air circulates inside the home every time the cooling or heating system is turned on. So, if your duct system looks dirty, hire a reputable and certified duct cleaners Melbourne company. Here are few more reasons why duct cleaning and hiring duct cleaners Melbourne services is important.

Improved Energy Efficiency And Indoor Air Quality – The accumulation of debris and dirt keeps the air from flowing easily throughout the ventilation system. This means that the ventilation system will need to work harder, which will result in higher costs. Therefore, using the services of experienced duct cleaners Melbourne professionals is a must. What is also important is to be aware of the fact that many companies limit the ventilation system cleaning to the air ducts. Be sure the duct cleaners Melbourne company you plan to hire will clean your whole ventilation system including the evaporator, blower, HVAC unit and other accessible components, as same as the individual air ducts. A professional duct cleaners Melbourne company should remove the vent covers, clean them well and put them back in place. From vent cleaning to duct cleaning, a reputable duct cleaners Melbourne professionals will clean every part of your home ventilation system.

Energy Savings – There are few studies which show that 25% to even 40% of the energy used for cooling or heating at home is wasted. Contaminants in the cooling and heating system cause the system to work harder, thus the efficiency of your ventilation system can be significantly reduced. Although filters are used, the cooling and heating system can still get dirty. When your ventilation system is clean, it doesn’t have to work harder to keep the temperature you want in your home. As a result of using cleaning services from a reputable duct cleaners Melbourne company, your system will use less energy and be more cost-effective.

Dryer Fire Prevention In Your Home – In addition to air duct cleaning, a professional team from a duct cleaners Melbourne company will also clean your dryer vents. Having your dryer vents cleaned regularly will save you money when it comes to energy efficiency. When it comes to choosing air duct cleaning professionals, never cut on expenses. A healthy and clean home starts from your air ducts.