How Important Is the Exhaust System for Your Car

Since it’s such as small (and often inexpensive part), many car owners fail to fully appreciate the importance of the exhaust system. Sure, the exhaust is there to expel the gasses the engine produces, but it doesn’t do much else, right? Well, in reality, a good exhaust can benefit your car in many ways. So, it’s when people replace their old one that they usually notice how important this part really is. Here are just some of the reasons why it’s smart to invest in a good aftermarket car exhaust system.


Increase in Horsepower

The more efficiently the exhaust system expels fumes, the better the engine will perform. However, the stock exhaust system cars come with usually isn’t very efficient, as most manufacturers tend to skimp on this part in an attempt to spend more on other, more noticeable parts. As a result, most original exhausts consist of a single, narrow pipe which can produce back pressure in the engine, thus requiring it to work harder. So, by simply investing in an aftermarket car exhaust such as a dual rear exit or dual side exit, your engine can work better than it used to. And this simple change can boost your car’s horsepower by up to 5%, which isn’t a small increase.

Improved Sound

The muffler is a part of the exhaust system. As the name suggests, it’s job is to muffle the sound. Most exhaust systems are built to make the car be as silent as possible, but sometimes car owners like their ride to make some noise. If you too want your car to sound powerful, a car exhaust with a resonator can be a perfect solution. The resonator allows the engine to make that well-known car sound, however, it starts cancelling the noise out once it reaches a certain frequency that is unpleasant and can be illegal . Depending on the type of car you own, there are certain limits of noise it can reach, so make sure that the resonator can do its job to keep your car’s sound within the allowed levels.


More Economical Use of Fuel

While it may not be obvious at first, a good car exhaust can reduce your fuel expenses. When the exhaust gasses are expelled faster and more efficiently, the engine doesn’t need to work as hard and spend as much fuel. Although the reduction in fuel expense won’t be very significant in short distance trips, the more kilometres you drive, the greater the savings will be. Additionally, you will also do some good for the environment.