The Most Important Fishing Supplies Every Fisherman Needs

If you’re a first-time angler anxious to get started fishing, or have experience in it but haven’t done it for years, walking down the aisles in a big retail store can be intimidating. When it comes to fishing supplies, there seems to be an endless option of choices and it is almost impossible to know where to get started without spending a fortune. While there are so many ways to approach gearing up for your first fishing trip, the following pieces of essential supplies will put you on the right path for bringing fish to the shore.

fishing supplies


Hooks are extremely important when it comes to keeping your catch in place, and a good rule of thumb is to avoid snelled hooks whenever you can. If you want to increase your chances of catching fish, it’s good to have different types of hooks at your disposal. You can never have too many fishing supplies of this sort. If you are going for panfish, size 6 or 8 Aberdeen hooks are what you need and offset shank worms in 3/0 or 4/0 if you are after bass fish.


If you intend on doing any live bait fishing, you should definitely get some bobbers. The thin or pencil style is a bit more sensitive than the traditional round plastic ones, but all of them work just fine.


Soft plastic balls can be used with most fish but if you are going for the yellow pike (walleye) fish, paddle tails and ringworms are going to be the most effective, with grounds and small tubes being ideal for panfish. A solid hard bait collection will consist of topwaters, cranks, jerk baits, and crankbaits – if you are just starting out, go with a couple of them. Inline spinners are a must since they can lure both small and big fish by mimicking a batfish with the help of their rotating blade. Live bait is the type that you should have, by all means, especially the nightcrawler (dew worm) as it is the all-time favourite snack for every fish species.


Swivels are a type of fishing supplies that are perfect for beginners since they make changing baits very easy. Their main purpose is to prevent the line from twisting and help keep it in place. All that is possible thanks to the snap attached on the end of the swivel and the various rigs it comes with.

Top Water Lure

A top water lure is best used when fish are feeding on the surface. The way to use one is to cast it and wait for the water to calm down once it hits the ground – this is a sign that you need to start reeling. The most popular type of topwater lure is the Whopper Plopper.