How Important Is The Heavy Equipment In A Construction Project

The heavy equipment today is an essential part for a cost-efficient and on time construction. Whenever a company is building any type of a construction structure, heavy equipment is involved. Heavy equipment helps complete heavy-duty task in the easiest way with minimized risk and also reduces the need for manual labor. Cranes, earth-moving machinery, generators, bulldozers, soil stabilizers, construction hoists and backhoe loaders, all fall under the heavy equipment category. Here are the most commonly used heavy machines in construction projects.


Cranes – Since cranes are inevitable part of at any construction site, every construction company needs to invest in a quality ones, such as Franna cranes. Cranes are of big importance because they can lift, load and unload materials and loads otherwise impossible to lift with bear hands. In some cases, it may be possible to manually lift materials, but it is time consuming and very difficult and very unproductive.

Franna cranes for sale come in various configurations, shapes and sizes and they are the best choice for making the work easy. Lifting operations of all Franna crane models may seem same, but still there are a few differences from one Franna crane model to another. Crawler, tower or pick-and-carry cranes, small or big, Franna cranes are able to perform various lifting operations in short time. Thus, when it comes to quality, Franna cranes top the list. A Franna crane is a trusted name in the construction industry.

Backhoe Loaders – All types of wheel loaders are essential for construction project. However, one type of a wheel loader that tops the list is the backhoe loader. Backhoe loaders are able to perform many different tasks and can be matched with various attachments (hammers, quick couplers, sweepers, special backhoe attachments and loading buckets) to extend their range of applications. Backhoe loaders are mainly used for pushing loose dirt away, demolishing old buildings, transporting materials within short distances, etc. They are very flexible and versatile machines, able to turn for 180º, which means they can work in very tight job sites. Just like the Franna crane brand, there are a few popular backhoe loaders brand such as Caterpillar, Hitachi, Terex, Volvo C. E., Komatsu, JCB and John Deere.

Soil Stabilizers – The machines that mix the existing pavement with spread lime on the surface are called soil stabilizers. Soil stabilizers are very important, as they reduce the movement and eliminate the need for extra support for fill material in construction projects. They consist of a metal drum with blades and paddles and a constant water supply in front. Soil stabilizers increase the load-bearing capacity of the concrete and improve soils. To continue setting foundations or building a construction project (pavement in this case), the soil stabilizing is a required process.