Important Home Features: How to Choose the Perfect Letterbox

With the rise of technology and the availability of the Internet, the way we receive mail has greatly changed in the last couple of decades. That’s why most people have forgotten about the humble letterbox. But, even if you generally receive electronic mail, there are still some benefits of having a letterbox. How important is it to own one, and how can you choose the perfect letterbox for your home?


The Importance of Having a Letterbox

It Improves Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Due to the proximity to the street, the letter box is the first thing people see about your home. Knowing how important are first impressions, we can say it’s one of the most important exterior features. Choosing a modern model that goes well with the rest of the design of our outdoor space can improve the whole curb appeal of your home. This is not only important for the current look of your outdoor space: it can boost the price of your property if you decide to sell it in future.

It Stores Your Mail Safely

You might not receive many letters today, but you surely get most of the things you order online delivered to your home address. Without a mailbox, all the mail you receive will simply end up at the doorstep or in the yard. You can’t be home all the time to store it immediately, and you certainly can’t predict the weather. If it rains, your mail will end up wet and ruined. A superb-quality contemporary letterbox is the perfect storage solution for any type of mail you receive.

It Protects Your Privacy

You can unsubscribe from the post office the way toy can cancel an email subscription. This means even if you don’t want to receive letters and other mail, you’ll still get them occasionally. Considering that mail oftentimes contains sensitive information, you don’t want it to end up in the wrong hands. A letterbox with a lock is a simple solution to protecting your privacy.


Tips On Choosing the Perfect Letterbox for Your Home

Check Postal Regulations

In Australia, having a letterbox isn’t required by law. However, there are some specific postal regulations when owning one. They refer to the size, location, accessibility and maintenance of the letter boxes and were established to ensure mail is delivered with utmost efficiency. Also, they make the work easier for your postie so, be kind and check them out before you decide on a letterbox model.

Another thing to consider is whether there are some planning regulations, like a certain style to match your neighbourhood. Check your council’s and neighbourhood’s rules before you choose a letterbox for your home.

Decide on the Type of Mounting

The first thing to consider when choosing a letterbox for your home is where you want to install it. The location of the mailbox will determine the type of mounting you choose. This will narrow down your options and make it easier to focus on other important things like the design. There are 3 main ways to mount a letterbox.

1.Fence Mount Letter Boxes

Designed with longevity and functionality in mind, fence mount letterboxes fit into most types of fences, including timber, brick, block and steel. They come in lots of styles, colours, finishes and features and installing them is a breeze.

Fence mount boxes are great when you need your letterbox to be close to the street. They aren’t as noticeable as the post-mounted ones, which puts them at lower risk to get damaged by vandals, dogs and intruders.


2.Brick-In Letter Boxes

If your fence features brickwork or you want to install a letterbox in a brick or block wall, you should go for specifically-designed brick-in boxes. They usually suit standard brick sizing. They come in adjustable depths, which allows for versatility while keeping the look and functionality.

3.Free-Standing Letter Boxes

Freestanding letterboxes have come a long way since they were invented. Traditional designs are still available to choose from if you have a traditional home exterior. However, there is a wide range of contemporary letterbox designs available that suit most contemporary, modern houses. These also go well with older houses, while the opposite is generally not true.

Free-standing letter boxes are a great solution for larger yards and gardens. They look very charming, especially if you can put them next to a pathway.

Choose a Style that Matches Your Exterior Design

Modern mailbox designs come in sleek lines and minimalistic style that goes well with almost any exterior design. Yet, there are other things to consider to make sure your letterbox truly complements your overall curb appeal like colour. When choosing a colour, consider the colour of the exterior walls and the fence. You can make it blend or stand out. If you plan to put the letterbox next to your front door or mount it into it, make sure it complements the design and the colour of the door. If there are other exterior features nearby, look if you want your letterbox style to match them, as well.

Many of the letterbox designs come with an option to include special features, like numbering or no junk mail sign. You can use these features to create a design that will stand out, making the whole picture even more attractive.


Consider Size and Capabilities

Choosing the right size and capability can help find out which letterbox will best suit your needs. How big should a letter box be? If you’re a big online shopper that regularly receives a galore of packages, you should look for letterboxes bigger in size, or you should check out parcel letterboxes. The same stands if you have a large family that receives more mail more often. If you don’t require a large letterbox, then box and post mailboxes might be e more suitable option.