How Important Are The Mobile Cranes In The Construction Process


What Is A Mobile Crane?

A crane that is capable to move easily around a job site and from one place to another using its own power and wheels is known as a mobile crane. The mobile crane is an extremely efficient and flexible machine and can be used for various applications. In the construction industry, it is one of the most commonly utilized machines. A typical mobile crane is composed of a control panel, rubber-wheels or tracks, chains, a wire rope and a boom. But today there are many different mobile crane models and the operators can choose a certain model depending on their needs. The wide range of mobile cranes includes rough terrain, all terrain, pick and carry, truck-mounted, crawler and side-lift cranes.

How Important Is The Mobile Crane In The Construction Process?

As mentioned, the mobile crane is very important for the construction industry. Mostly because it can be quickly and easily set up on the job site, and can start working immediately. It is mobile and smaller than the fixed cranes, but has incredible power and lifting capacities and brings more benefits than the fixed crane models. For example, the mobile crane can easily access any type of job site, and can be set up on the job site immediately, eliminating the need for an additional vehicle for transportation. Practical, flexible and efficient, the mobile crane is simply a machine capable to complete many tasks.

Few More Capabilities…

The mobile crane movements on the road are known as transit movements, while the mobile crane movements around the job site are called travel movements. All mobile cranes can travel on every road, except the crawler cranes, because the width exceeds the road limitations. The mobile crane is also used for works in the narrowest spaces, but this depends on the size of the mobile crane. The mobile crane requires little space for maneuvering when compared with cranes which are fixed on the ground.

For enhanced efficiency and productivity in the construction process, most mobile crane models are designed with advanced technologies. This means that they can easily lift as much weight as the fixed cranes. The mobile crane is controlled through a variety of electrical cables, hydraulic pressure and linkages. The drive system is specifically designed to allow the operators to be more productive on the construction site. All these features make mobile cranes one of the most sought-after lifting machines in different industry sectors.