The Most Important Phrases Parents Need to Teach Their Daughters

The unique connection between baby girls and their parents can be the sweetest thing to experience or witness, ever. And while it is safe to say that most of us who have daughters tend to see (and call them) little princesses simply for them being so darn cute, there are many other adjectives and nouns they ought to earn in life and it is our responsibility to get hem going on that path. I am referring to words such as kind, strong, confident and beautiful (inside and put). On that note, here are some important phrases which can help you as a parent to use the power of words consistently as to ensure that you are raising an empowered lady.

mother and baby

I Got This

It’s inevitable for parents to find themselves in a situation when their little girl feels down because a friend hurt her or bullied her in some way. Well, in such scenario, instead of resolving the problem for them (by talking to the parents of the other child), let them try. Tell them that they’ve got this and that you’ll always be there to support them. That way, they’ll find the courage to confront the situation/person and solve it on their own. This, in fact, is the first lesson they’ll have to learn in life. In other words, this will help them learn that courage can break boundaries and help them resolve any situation in life by confronting it firmly and not by hiding behind someone. You can furthermore boost this mindset by developing your own morning routine before taking your daughter to the kindergarten or to school.

Mother and daughter

I Am Beautiful

Humans are visual creatures, there’s no denying that… But we are also creatures that can sense energy/vibes/confidence – whatever you want to call it. So, your job as a parent here is to teach your daughter that although there may be some universally praised physical traits and types of outfits that are considered lovely (a colorful baby dress for instance with a flowery pattern), every person can be beautiful in their own unique way and that kind of attitude will always shine through. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun picking pretty dresses with your daughter as for most girls, the desire to wear lovely dresses and act all ladylike comes naturally (she’ll surely want to borrow your lipstick and heels or ask for some of her own soon), however, what’s more important is to try and teach her an important lesson here.

Make sure that along with focusing on the shape and the colours of the toddler or baby dress, you also mention comfort. Feel free to ask your little girl if everything feels OK about the dress as this way she will learn that how she feels in her body matters more. In addition, don’t forget to always tell her how beautiful she is and encourage her to see her own beauty and also the beauty of others.

baby dress

Being comfortable is what matters the most, so whether choosing a baby dress, or a dress for a bit older child, opting for a material that offers comfort is paramount. So, your best bet is going for a toddler or baby dress that is made of quality fabric like cotton. Generally speaking, cotton can offer numerous benefits which makes it the most favoured fabric in the world by most designers. It is natural, soft and gentle to the skin, but it also has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties making it the ideal choice even for the most sensitive baby skin.

I Am Equal to Everyone

While having some leadership skills is okay, teaching your little girl how to control her emotions and her desire to be bossy or to always be first in something is also essential. She needs to understand that there is no greater reward than love. To love and to be loved is what really matters in this life and this can be obtained only by being a compassionate and rational person. Feeling equal to everyone and not feeling above or bellow someone are the main things kids should learn from an early age. They need to understand that being generous is important, and sometimes the act of giving can be only in the form of a smile. Maybe for them, it won’t mean anything, but for somebody else, it would mean the world.