How Important Are Punch Down Tools

The punch down tools are very useful tools which are generally used in electrical projects, specifically in projects that include networks and telecommunications. The punch down tool can be used to terminate cross-connect cable runs and jumpers at patch panels, 66 and 110 blocks. This tool can cut easily through wires with high precision. The wires are inserted into the punch down tool and set into place. The tool is pressed down on the top side, then cuts the excess wires of the cable and attaches the wires to the block. Below are few reasons why the punch down tools are so important.


Easy To Use – The punch down tools are very simple to use. They are designed with a handle that provides firm and easy gripping. Once the wires of the cable are stripped off from the protective casing, the punch down tool can be easily positioned on top of the wires to cut the wires with high precision.

Sharp Blades – The blades of the punch down tools can cut wires quickly and clean. Every tool is manufactured with metal blades that can cut wires effectively. Unlike other tools, the punch down tool is designed with blades that are capable to cut any wire type. The blades of this tool are usually made from hardened steel.

Time Saving – Connecting patch panels to cables, push down jacks or blocks can be very time consuming when using other types of cutting tools like cutters, scissors or knives. With punch down tools, the job can be done quick and in a single operation.

Precision – The punch down tool cuts wires uniformity and with high precision. As the toll is pressed down to cut the wire, the blades cut off the wires precisely.

Impact Mechanism – Most of the punch down tools work with special mechanism. This mechanism helps them provide an uniform and efficient cut. When the tool is pushed, the impact mechanism allow you to work with less effort.

Adjustable – A typical punch down tool is designed to have impact mechanism and adjustable blades to cut through any type of wire. The impact strength of the toll can be adjusted in order to provide an effective cut.

Colour Coded – One side of the punch down tool has a cutting blade. To avoid cutting with the wrong side, the tool is colour coded. This will help you see which side the blade is on. Cutting with the wrong side is a waste of time.