How Important Are Quality Network Cables – Part 2


The Installation Process Involves Many Work Hours And High Labor Charges.

Many tasks and actions need to be completed during the installation of the network cabling system. Generally, the installation of the network cabling system is a worthy investment that needs to be made, but is not a simple process that should be overlooked. Selecting and installing the most suitable network cabling system is a key towards keeping the expenses and labor charges low.

Upgrading The Network System Is Very Expensive And Time Consuming.

It is very important for the business to select the most affordable, suitable and reliable cabling solution for the first time. This is true because any later upgrading processes of the existing network cabling system can be very expensive. It can involve substantial amount of time for cable replacing and it can slow down the entire network. This will surely result in a revenue loss for the business.

Signal Degeneration Or Signal Loss Can Occur In Some Long Cables.

The signal in network cables can lose on quality or even be entirely lost, especially over long distances. This is not acceptable situation for the business if the entire installation process of the network cabling system is already completed. Appropriate research about the available solutions needs to be made. Therefore, selecting and implementing the best possible cable solutions is the best mechanism for preventing the signal lost situations.

Poor Signal To Noise Ratio (SNR) Can Affect The Quality Of The Signal.

The SNR or signal to noise ratio is different form one network cable to another. The noise can cause some interference which can cause certain issues with network stability and speed. The IT department of the business needs to try to implement network cabling system that will provide the lowest possible signal to noise ratio.

The Quality Of The Network Affect The Total Client Satisfaction.

Finally, knowing that clients are the most valuable assets, the business cannot tolerate any disruptions in the communication process with its clients because of the poorly selected network cabling system. Losing clients is directly related to the profit loss. Therefore, only the best cabling solution needs to be implemented by every business.