How Important Is Regular Transmission Fluid Change


For long lasting usage and for a good performance, the transmission fluid in your car needs to be checked and changed as scheduled. Proper transmission service for your car is essential for keeping it in a good driving condition. The transmission fluid plays very important role in the whole transmission system. It serves as a hydraulic element of the transmission system, keeping it clean and well lubricated, and keeps the temperature at the right level. The transmission system of your car is very complex and various factors can cause damages that will result in expensive repairs. Whatever the cause is, most car transmission systems begin to wear down as a result of increased heat while driving. The most effective thing you can do in order to prevent expensive repairs is to try to minimize the heat on the transmission parts. The best way to do this is to keep the transmission system lubricated and with regular transmission service which is needed for every car type, and for both manual and automatic transmission systems.

Different transmission systems are designed to work under different conditions and to use different transmission fluids. While there are around 50 different fluids on the market, you should only use the transmission fluid that is best for you car. A regular transmission service and fluid change is necessary to increase the longevity of your transmission system. There are many reputable transmission service Brunswick shops where you can take your car for a detailed inspection and adequate transmission service. Usually, the car manufacturer’s maintenance schedule states when a transmission service needs to be made, and when fluid change is needed. You need to consider how extensively you use your car in order to determine when to take your car to a transmission service Brunswick shop. The experts suggest that if you drive you car on a daily basis on temperatures around 30-32 degrees, the recommended time for transmission service is on every 24 000-25 000 km.

If your transmission system needs fluid change, it is recommended not to do it yourself because it is a more complicated process, not as simple as changing the oil. The best thing to do when the time comes for fluid change is to look for a reputable and experienced transmission service Brunswick shop. Experienced service professionals will perform a detailed inspection on your transmission system in order to identify any mechanical problem that can lead to serious damages. Regular transmission service is important for keeping the transmission system free from contaminants and other harmful chemicals that can damage the whole system.

Beside taking your car to reputable and experienced transmission service Brunswick shop, you also need to know how to perform some basic inspections from time to time. If you have a car with automatic transmission, it is easy to purchase a special dipstick for the transmission fluid. Start the engine and smell the fluid once you remove the dipstick. If you sense a burn smell, it is usually a sign that your car needs a transmission service. Another useful tip is to wipe the fluid on a piece of cloth or white paper and to compare with fresh fluid sample. If there are differences in the color, this could also be a sign that your car needs a proper transmission service. These simple and preventive transmission maintenance tips can help you keep your car in a good driving condition with little or no transmission problems.