How Important Are Road Line Marking For Safe Vehicle Operation

The uniform application of road line markings is one of the most important aspects for efficient, convenient and safe road construction. The road markings transmit vital information to road users about road alignment, vehicle positioning and other important road information. Today, the road markings are widely used and installed on the roads by road line marking machines. The road line markings are extremely beneficial to drivers and other road users. They are regulated with standards, which may vary from country to country.


According to a recent report, every 25 minutes a death on the road occurs as a result of a missing lane marking. This threatening number means that every year there are over 20,000 deaths on the roads in Australia. For this reason, many different strategies were developed in order to increase the safety on the roads. The main plan was to ensure all vehicles are driven in adequate lanes. This plan has been implemented in many states all over Australia, on every road with no road line markings. In order to keep the drivers on the road safe, it is important for the lanes to be correctly marked by using adequate road line marking machines. This process is very efficient as it significantly increases the safety of all road participants.

The annual expenditures are indeed expensive, but the road markings bring many benefits to the road users. Over the years, many engineers were focused on how to improve the road line marking machines. Also, the engineers were focused on how the road markings affect the vehicle operation. The speed and the lateral position of the vehicles on the travel lanes are the main measures for safety and are commonly used when crash data is missing.

Many tests have been done by using the vehicle speed to measure the performance of the road markings, and most of them showed no significant effect on the absolute speed or speed variance. Many experts from all around the world are convinced that the drivers reduce the speed of their vehicles based on the perceived risk, such as sharp curves, narrow lanes, low-side friction and other factors on the road. The lateral position of the vehicles is related to the crash rates, as stated by many researches. Many studies show different results, but they all explicitly state that the road markings significantly enhance the vehicle operation.

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