Important Survival Supplies to Bring Along When Venturing Outdoors

When camping or hiking, most of us try to pack as lightly as possible. And that’s a really smart move as the fewer things you bring along the less demanding the trail will feel. However, it can be difficult to select which items you need to take with you besides a tent, bedding and food.

While bringing a BBQ can make your stay more enjoyable, it’s really not essential for your survival and will only weigh you down. In other words, when packing for an outdoor trip, it’s important to select the items that are crucial to your survival, and if there’s some room left, bring other things along. With that being said, here are the essential survival supplies Australia outdoor enthusiasts should pack for their next adventure.

Supplies for Water Purification

Water is obviously the most important factor for survival. However, it’s impossible to carry around the litres and litres of water you’re going to need for the duration of your trip. That means that when your water supply runs out, you will need to rely on natural sources such as creeks and rivers. However, drinking untreated water carries certain risks, like for instance diarrhea and gastroenteritis. One way to make the water from outdoor sources safe to drink is to get it to a boil. But since this isn’t always practical, you may want to look into other effective water purification methods, like for instance gravity filter systems, water bottles with filter cartridges or chlorine and iodine tablets. You can find these and similar survival supplies Australia wide at specialized survival stores.

First Aid Kit

Another essential item on your survival list is a first aid kit. Whether you’ve cut yourself clearing a bush, receive an insect bite or have an allergic reaction, having medical supplies available can help you overcome these and similar issues that can cut your stay short. The basic first aid kit consists of anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen, antihistamine, alcohol, gauze pad, bandages and medical tape. If you don’t have time to shop for all these items, you can purchase a ready-made first aid kit from a store selling camping or survival supplies. Additionally, if you have an underlying medical condition, make sure to bring along a suitable treatment.

Navigation Tools

Although Google Maps and similar online navigation apps are becoming more and more advanced, they aren’t still as reliable as traditional navigation tools. While your online navigation app may need to be connected on a mobile network and only works as long as your device is charged, you can always rely on a compass and a map. These tools can allow you to explore areas off the beaten track and save your life if somehow you get lost.