Important Things I Have Learned About Being A Mother

Mother’s Day is just around a corner and that makes me remember everything my mom taught me. Not only the life lessons, but how to raise my own kids now that I am a parent too.


When I was pregnant with my first child, I couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking will I know how to handle all the chores that being a new a mom involves. And how to be the best in giving the essential care and support important for a child’s development. I spent hours in front of the computer reading about how to take care of a newborn and reading other mothers’ experiences.

At the end, what I learned is that there is no book, or a class, or online site that can really prepare you for the adventures of being a parent. But I have to admit that my mum’s advices and support have helped me a lot. Here is a small list with some of the important things I have learned from my mum about being a mother.


#1 – White colour is a big no-no. Even if white is your favorite colour, avoided it by all means. And that includes everything: cars, walls, towels, bedding, floors and especially clothing. Let me share my own experience. Few months ago (thinking I had past this rule since my son was soon-to-be 7 years old), I took out my favorite white linen summer dress (hidden in the closet for years) to have it hand washed. I had put it on top of a laundry bin. Later that day, my son came home after his soccer practice and threw his dirty clothes on top of by beloved dress. By the time I noticed, my dress was all covered in mold. The lesson? While leads to heartbreak.

#2 – “I hate you!!!” If you haven’t heard these words from your kids yet, prepare yourself for the storm. Sooner or later, all mums go through this phase. And although you know it is not true, and it is the ‘teenage mood swings’ phase, it will deeply hurt you. But know it means you are doing your job right. Sometimes it is necessary to make our kids hate us to teach them value.

#3 – There will be moments when because of the way your kids behave, you do not feel like giving them affection and attention. Remember, it is in those moments your kids need you the most.



#4 – You may disagree, but the fact is that mums have an endless reserve of patience. Mums are constantly tested and know that there will be times you will think you are at the edge of your sanity. But when you figure out how to deal with your kids without strangling them, you will feel proud of yourself.

#5 – Don’t take into consideration what others think about you. Don’t compare your way of thinking and acting to other parents. Live your life the way that makes you and your family happy. I still remember my mom saying: ‘ If mum is not happy, nobody is happy.’

There is so much more I am tankful to my mum for. And to show just how grateful I am for having her and for everything she has done for me and my family, I plan on surprising her with something special this Mother’s Day.



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