Important Things to Consider When Buying Wash Basin Taps for Your Home

What is the most used part of your home? You guessed it – the bathroom. It’s the little spa corner of your house where you can recharge by filling up your bathtub or taking a quick shower to wash your day away. Or, simply use your bathroom sink to wash and prep your face for your skincare routine. Still, constantly switching between cold and hot water to set up the right temperature can become frustrating if you have an old and rusty basin tap.

If you’re looking for new basin tapware to elevate your bathroom’s style and functionality, we got you.

How Do I Choose a Wash Basin: Things to Look For

Wash basin


Are you or any of your family members having difficulty handling the tapware? If that’s the case, consider replacing your old basin taps with single or infrared taps for easier use.

Water Pressure

A key factor when buying wash basin taps is to check the water pressure in your home as not all basin taps function equally. Some can run on a lower water pressure and some require higher pressure to function properly.


Basin taps are usually a bit pricier, so it’s important to set a budget of how much you can spend before you hop on the shopping wagon. Research different basin tap models and how much they cost, and make a list of those you can afford and that are within your budget.


As much as basin taps are a long-lasting staple of your bathroom, they are prone to damage or malfunctioning just like any other item in your home. This is the case where having a good warranty policy can save you the headache.

The Different Types of Wash Basin Taps

Wash basin tap

With such a wide selection of basin taps, it can be challenging to find the perfect type for your space. Here are the most common ones.

Pillar Taps

If you’re looking for pocket-friendly basin taps, then pilar taps make a great option. These are two fixture tapware, positioned separately on the basin, and each has its own spout. For those who prefer to have separate taps for hot and cold water, pilar taps are a good way to go. However, they are not as functional as other modern basin taps and the taps can be hard to regulate sometimes.

But if you love old and vintage style for your bathroom and plan on keeping it that way, there are upgraded versions of pilar taps that come with two separate taps, but only one spout. These are a more convenient version and you get to keep the antique style of your bathroom.

Mono Basin Mixer Taps

Chances are, if you visit someone’s house and want to use the bathroom, they probably have a basin mixer tap. Basin mixers are the most commonly used taps among households and provide great water pressure. Basin mixer taps have a single spout and can be single-handle or two-handled, both allowing mixing hot and cold water to regulate the temperature. Mixer taps are an affordable option, easy to use and install.

However, you can also find twin lever taps – one for cold and one for hot water. If you want better control over the water temperature, then twin lever taps will make a great option. But, if your bathroom has a vessel, small or deep sink, then mono-basin mixer taps are not an appropriate choice.

Triple-Hole Taps

These basin taps come with a single spout, positioned in the middle of the basin and have two separate knobs for cold and hot water. The installation of these basin taps requires drilling three holes in the back for the support of the unit. However, they are quite easy to install and are suitable for most sinks. If you do have cloakroom basins or vessel sinks in your bathroom, however, then triple-hole taps are not your greatest option. It’s also worth mentioning that, triple-hole taps are a bit on the pricier side. But they are still highly convenient for most households.

Wall-Mounted Taps

Although on the pricier side, wall-mounted taps are a great solution if you don’t want to ruin your beautiful and expensive basin. With pipes entirely hidden in the wall, wall-mounted taps are designed to provide a sleek and clean look to your bathroom. Some come as three-hole taps and some have a single spout for both cold and hot water.

These are great options for small bathrooms due to their minimalistic look and are very easy to use. On the other hand, if it happens to break, not only you will need a plumber to fix the problem, but you will also have to ruin your tiles or paint during the demolition. So, if your budget cannot afford expensive repairements, then stick to some more affordable basin taps.

Small Taps

Trying to fit basin taps in a thigh space can be a hassle. Luckily, today we have such a wide range of basin taps to choose from, that we can find a solution to all of our problems. Small taps make a great solution for small spaces and cloakrooms. They provide the convenience of a quick wash, without worrying if there is splashing water everywhere.

Their design is pretty simplistic. They come with one hole and a single spout, responsible for regulating cold and hot water. Small taps are generally shorter than the average basin taps and can fit perfectly well in small corners. They are indeed a bit more expensive for their size, but it’s still worth purchasing them if your place doesn’t have much space for larger basin taps.

Tall Taps

Tall taps also known as high-rase taps, are a perfect fit for vessel sinks, providing enough room to wash your face or hands without dripping water everywhere. They are usually the taller version of small taps, offering a simple design and convenient use.

Infrared Taps

You have all seen these taps in public bathrooms that you can turn on the water by simply putting your hands close to the tap. These are highly convenient basin taps for most households, especially if you or a family member struggle with arthritis or some other illness that makes it harder to handle the taps. However, they come only with preset temperature, so you don’t have control over the water temperature.

Style It Up: Colours and Finishes

Brushed brass taps

Basin taps come in a variety of different colours and finishes. Add a touch of elegant and lavish look to your bathroom with the rich selection of basin tap designs that come in chrome, matte black, brushed nickel or gunmetal finishes. If you want to maintain or upgrade your bathroom style to a vintage-looking bathroom, then opt for a basin tap from the brushed brass collection.