Important Things To Consider When Choosing Work Uniforms for Your Crew

Whether you’re running an up-scale restaurant or a casual down-town pub, a department store or an office environment, your choice of work uniforms matters a lot! After all, uniforms make for the first impression your customers will form about your crew and you certainly want to ensure it is a positive one, right? If you’re new to the uniform game, you might feel a bit overwhelmed from the large choice of uniform shirts for sale. To make it easier for you, here are a few important tips that can give you some guidance.

Uniform Shirts For Sale

Functionality and Comfort

In order to make the right pick from the various models of work uniforms, you first need to consider the specific tasks your employees will be performing. For instance, a waiter might need a bib apron with extra pockets to carry things like a bottle openers and cleaning cloths. Also don’t forget about comfort. If your staff doesn’t feel comfortable spending the whole day in the same uniform, they’ll become grumpy and off-putting to customers. When choosing uniform shirts for sale go for light and breathable materials that allow freedom of movement, such as cotton for instance.

The Power of Colour

We are well aware that certain colours trigger certain feelings. Whatever your business is, you can use the psychology of colour to your advantage. When browsing the colourful range of uniform shirts for sale, you might want to consider the following effects certain colours can have.

  • White – White is great for all kinds of hospitality uniforms, from aprons all the way to shirts. Not only do people associate a sharp, white uniform with professionalism, but also with cleanliness and purity.
  • Black – Black suggests mystery, which makes it a good choice for waiters and bartenders in night clubs. Like all dark colours, black also complements warm and muted settings, like for instance coffee shops and pubs.
  • Citrus Colours – Green, lime and other citrus colours inspire feelings of freshness and energy. This spectrum of colour makes a great choice for beach bar uniforms. Due to the association of these colours with vigour, they are also commonly used in health centres, garden equipment stores and florist shops.
  • Red – Red shows dynamism, speed and confidence. Many department stores and supermarkets choose it for the uniforms their front-facing crew wears. And this is a great choice! In such a busy environment, red uniforms allow the customers to easily separate the crew from the regular people shopping.
  • Blue – Blue inspires trust and confidence. If you’re looking for uniform shirts for sale for an office or retail environment – light blue is your best choice since it shows professionalism. Out of all colours, people tend to feel most relaxed around blue which means this is also a popular colour for uniforms in health centres and hospitals.

Think in the Long Run

Choosing quality designer uniforms might seem initially more expensive, but in the long run it can prove to be an investment worth every penny. Always go for quality instead of quantity. Remember that the uniforms you pick should be able to withstand everyday wear and frequent laundering, and still look their best. You should also consider some additional factors such as stain and wrinkle resistance, snagging, piling and fading.