Important Tips for Pulling Off the Modern Cowboy Look the Cool Way

The modern cowboy look is a damn good look if you ask me. It’s rugged, a bit dangerous, and perfectly tailored to be comfortable and hard-wearing. So, what is there not to love? Well, for one, if you don’t know how to pull it off, you can end looking like you’re on your way to a costume party. That being said, here’s some style-savvy advice to help you nail the modern cowboy look without being over the top.

Denim Is Your Friend

When cowboys are working, they need clothes that are comfortable and durable – hence the popularity of denim in western style. Denim is hard-wearing and UV-resistant and as such has always dominated traditional country wear. In addition to being a popular fabric for cowboys men’s apparel, denim is also a staple in mainstream urban fashion. So, by wearing denim you can look country and urban at the same time.

denim jeans cowboy outfit


From skinny jeans to boot cut jeans, jackets and shirts – there are many ways you can incorporate denim into your wardrobe. But to truly capture the urban cowboy spirit, it’s a good idea to match a piece of denim with a plaid shirt. For instance, you can pair the shirt with a denim jacket or some jeans. Additionally, jeans also pair great with cowboy boots if you want to take your look to the next level.

cowboy outfit for the australian outback


You can even go all the way and completely dress in denim. But keep in mind, double denim can be dangerous territory. To not make Justin Timberlake’s infamous fashion blunder, make sure that the washes on your top and bottom are at least slightly different. For instance, pick a jacket or shirt in a lighter denim wash, and jeans in a darker. If the denim is super dark, almost black, matching the washes can work, but still, proceed with caution.

Know How to Recognise a Good Cowboy Shirt

My recommendation is to stay away from western short-sleeved T-shirts. They look funny and childish. Instead, it’s much better to go for a long-sleeved shirt, which allows you to roll the sleeves up if you feel hot. While helping you cool down, rolled up sleeves on a western shirt will instantly make you look hot.

cotton plaid shirt


Plaid shirts are the best design for a genuine cowboy look, but you can also go for simpler, monochromatic styles. Linen and cotton shirts are great for the summer as they offer breathability. For the colder days, you cannot go wrong with a flannel shirt. What’s more, a flannel plaid shirt is a great way to inject some rockstar vibe into your cowboy look. The two really pair great together.

Cowboy Boots Say You Mean Business

When it comes to cowboys men’s apparel, cowboy boots are definitely the most popular item. They instantly steal the show. When looking for cowboy boots, never go for bold designs. Cowboy boots that are overly embellished or in a loud colour can only make you appear like from a cartoon. Since the cowboy boot design is daring on its own, simplicity is your friend. Opt for boots in a neutral colour and featuring tasteful details like elegant embroidery. These designs can be easily paired with a variety of outfits, from extravagant to casual. You can even go for some of the famous Australian brands of country boots like for instance R.M. Williams.

It’s a Good Idea to Get a Versatile Cowboy Hat

If you want your outfit to immediately scream Western, you can’t go without a badass cowboy hat. An Akubra is the ultimate all-Australian, cowboy choice. Its recognizable masculine design is enough to make a statement. Plus, it’s UV resistant and highly protective against all kinds of weather. This way, you’ll not only look cool, but you’ll also be protected whether you want to shield yourself from the summer sun rays or the cold winter wind. Before buying a hat, make sure that the design matches your face shape.

Only Go Halfway with Your Cowboy Accessories

Resist the urge to add all the cowboy accessories you can think off. Cowboys are flashy by nature and love to accessories with aviators, boots, wide-brimmed hats, cowboy buckle belts, jewellery and bolo ties at the same time. But if you were to do so, it will only seem tacky. That being said, only go halfway with accessorising.

For instance, an edgy belt and a hat will mix up the vibe in just the right way. If you want to wear a cowboy hat, never pair it with cowboy boots. Since these two are the statement elements of the cowboy look, wearing them at the same time can be overwhelming. Also, if you want to try this year’s viral celebrity accessory – the bolo tie, do so over a basic, monochromatic cotton T-shirt shirt instead of a plaid shirt.