Important Tips to Help You Design a Sleek & Functional Shower Area

For many of us, our morning routine begins with a nice shower. So, if you want to start your day on a good note, it’s important to design your shower area the right way. Although taking a shower is generally relaxing, designing a new shower area can often involve a lot of stress. There’s an unlimited amount of possibilities when it comes to shower design, from the configuration, to the enclosure and showerhead finish. With that being said, here are some important tips that can help you design a shower unit that’s functional and beautiful.

Go for a Glass Screen

Although shower curtains are still the most affordable option, they have an outdated look and are difficult to keep clean. With that being said, most modern shower unit models feature glass screens. Not only does this give the shower a sleek and clean look, but it also lets light filter through and doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the space visually, allowing it to look bigger. What’s more, if the shower area has a beautiful tile design, a glass panel can help show it off. When it comes to choosing glass shower panels, the thicker the glass, the stronger the panel. 8mm or 10mm glass is a good choice, however, if you want greater security (especially if you have young children), there’s also the option to choose toughened safety glass.

Pick the Right Shower Base

When it comes to the shower base, you can choose from three options: tiled, polymarble and a shower over bath. Tile bases have a stylish and sleek look, and a generally more expensive than the other options. Polymarble bases are the most common choice as they are easy to clean and durable. If you really want a bath but the space doesn’t allow you to fit one, you can purchase a shower over bath base. This way you can have a shower and bath – all in one.

Asses Your Showerhead Options

Regardless of how well-designed your shower area is, without the right showerhead it won’t be able to live up to its purpose. In fact, choosing a good showerhead is crucial to your overall enjoyment. A fixture that makes it hard to wash all parts of your body or produces painful water pressure can make your daily showers feel more like an inconvenience than a way to relax. In general, there are three types of showerheads: wall-mounted, handheld and top-mounted.

Wall-mounted showerheads are usually the most affordable option. However, they can make it difficult to rinse some hand to reach body-parts. On the other hand, handheld showerheads are more versatile as they can be moved around freely. They are also more convenient for people who don’t want to get their hair wet every time they take a shower. Top-mounted shower heads provide a unique experience that feels as though you’re showering in the rain. While this can be really soothing, it also means that water will get in your face which can be uncomfortable.