Citronella Dog Collars: An Important Tool for Stopping Excessive Barking

Similarly to people, dogs have different personalities. For every quiet and well-behaved dog, there’s one with a penchant for loud and excessive barking. While barking is part of dogs’ natural behaviour, it can get you and your pet in trouble with the neighbours , which can result in you being fined. So, if you are the owner of a lively but also noisy dog, you are probably looking for the most effective way to reduce your dog’s constant barking.

Some people believe that shock collars are the only good bark control method, however, if you do not wish to send electric shocks to your pet, a citronella spray collar may be a more suitable solution. Citronella collars emit a mild citrusy spray close to the dog’s nose when the sensor senses that the dog is barking. And since nearly all canines hate the smell of citrus, when you want to stop dog barking spray collar emitting a citrusy scent can be incredibly effective.

But even if dogs do not like the smell of it, this spray is completely harmless to their respiratory system and it dissipates quickly. This means that your dog will only feel a temporary discomfort caused by the spray. And since the collar’s spray is activated by a sensor, it means that it will work even when you’re not around. As a result, the dog will be continuously trained against excessive barking. And because there is no physical shock involved, the collar is great for small dog breeds and puppies, and those who are easily frightened. All of this makes the device a valuable and safe tool in a general dog training program.


What’s more, these collars are easily adjustable, which means they can be passed from one dog to another if you plan to have an addition to your family. And since it’s designed to withstand all kinds of outdoor conditions and abrasive surfaces, with good care, a citronella collar can last for many years. Considering how citronella collar prices range from $80 – $120 dollars, this can be a very cost-efficient anti-barking solution.

While citronella collars are very versatile and affordable, probably the best reason to use them is the fact that they are so humane. Instead of using electric shocks or yelling to stop dog barking spray citronella collars cause no physical or emotional pain. It’s also important to mention that the collar does not activate during quieter barks, which means it won’t prevent dogs from being dogs. Truly the best way to reduce your dog’s barking!