How Important Is Tower Crane Cabin Design – Part 1

The crane operators are exposed to many uncomfortable lifting operations, which means they must have a very comfort and ergonomic cabin, especially if operating a tower crane. When standing in a tower crane, operators need to have proper standing and support conditions in order to avoid potential hazards. Also, the tower crane operators need to have a great visibility with no huge elements in front of their field of view. Seated postural comfort, visibility, cabin background, whole-body vibration, proper ventilation and an information display are the factors that need to be considered when designing a tower crane cabin.


Seated Postural Comfort

Most tower cranes Australia operators are not aware of the importance of being comfortable when sitting. The operators of tower cranes spend most of their working time seated, so the stress on the spine should be minimized. Most discomfort comes for the lower back and neck-shoulder area, as a consequence of the continuous stress while working. As you know, when the tower crane operator is seated, he needs to have a clear view of the load and surrounding area, which leads to many awkward uncomfortable postures.

Many researches were made and the ideal design of tower crane seats was invented. In fact, two designs were invented, one for short and the other for taller operators. All tower cranes for sale must feature a comfortable cabin for operating in order to protect the health of the operators.

Seated Postural Comfort


The cabin design should be created to achieve the optimum field visibility. In fact, the visibility is the most important factor for safe and efficient crane operation, as 90% of the crane operations are visual. Poor field of visibility increases the health risks for the operators, due to the many awkward postures to avoid the object that corrupts the view. Corrupted view can easily result in dangers for the operator himself and for the rest of the crew at the construction site.

The ergonomic guidelines for cabins require the tower cranes for sale to allow a free operating zone to the operators, without adjusting the posture. Also, the guideline states that the operators should not have to turn more than 30 degrees to either side. The tower cranes for sale should have the windows, seats and various cabin features designed with these guidelines taken into account.

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