How Important Is Tower Crane Cabin Design – Part 2

Cabin Background

The tower crane operators complain of the cabin backgrounds. The neck, lower back and shoulders are being affected the most, and if we add the tough weather and strong sunlight, the tower crane operators can easily face additional health problems. A recent research found out that tower crane operators are at risk of getting musculoskeletal disorders. Also, many tower crane operators have poor vision as a consequence of their work. This is why it is important is to have a comfort cabin background. In addition, a big amount of time spent in one posture can further complicate the health of tower crane operators.


Whole-Body Vibration

During operations, tower cranes are exposed to vibration, transmitted to the cabins, known as whole-body vibration (WBV). This vibration is distributed through the pedals, joystick and all controls in the tower cranes to the operator. A research discovered that long exposure to whole-body vibration, in addition to awkward and uncomfortable postures, results in degenerative changes in the spinal system, developing lower pain or sciatic problems. Occasional exposure to whole-body vibration is not that harmful for tower crane operators. Only consistent and long exposure can cause discomfort and the aforementioned problems.

Proper Ventilation

Working with tower cranes Australia models involves working at heights, which exposes the operators to many different poor conditions, including heat and cold, radiation, blast, incoming light, dust and pollution. The tower crane operators need a constant supply of fresh air. A cabin equipped with proper ventilation system will acquire them with sufficient amount of fresh air. Proper ventilation also provides rapid fume clearance. Ventilation needs to be included into the structure of the cabin to allow a flow of air in and out of the cabin.


Information Display

It may not sounds like an important factor, but the information display is just as important as all previous factors. The information display allows tower crane operators to observe the results of their tasks and always make the right decisions based on the correct perceived information. Most tower cranes Australia models have the information displays not position-adjustable, which is a key to a good cabin design. The information displays provide vital information to tower crane operators. In fact, nowadays, tower cranes Australia operators cannot imagine working without them.

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