Indoor Plants and Pots: An Important Piece of a Home’s Decor Puzzle

When it comes to interior design, besides furniture and other larger objects, plants can also play a very important part. Plants add colour and are a great way to liven up an otherwise dull space. In addition, they also purify the air and add fresh scents to make your house a home that smells and feels good. In fact, adding some greenery is a great way to give your home a more natural look and feel.

However, not only are plants an important piece of the home’s decor puzzle but so are the pots they’re planted in. The effect of a plant can totally transform if you put it in a good-looking pot. Pots can either make or break the vibe you’re going and that’s why you should invest in the right ones. There are plenty of ways to introduce plants and pots to your interior design and here are some tips you can follow. 

Choose the Right Pots

Close-up of woman planting plants in different pots

Decorative pots are an integral part of interior design. This is why they come in many shapes, sizes, and colours and are made of different materials. In fact, there are also handmade pots that are very unique and can add a sense of character.

When looking for a decorative pot, you should define what exactly you need for your space and what plants you plan to use. It’s always a good idea to have several pots of different sizes put into a certain corner of your home. This way you’ll create your very own oasis of plants and cosy space in your apartment.

Depending on the style you have in your home, you can go for a set of the same coloured pots, just different sizes. Also, you can experiment a bit and go for very different coloured designs that will give your home an eclectic style. You can also add terracotta-style pots that will bring out the vibrant hues of your plants.

Also, when looking for plant containers make sure that the material is durable and avoid using plastic. Plastic planters look cheap and they are also not good for the environment. A natural material like ceramics or terracotta will bring more depth to the space. Also, bear in mind that every pot has to have a little opening at the bottom, just for your plant to breathe. Most planters come with a plate-shaped addition which is put on the bottom, just so the water doesn’t leak from the pot.

If the decorative plant pots don’t come with some of the characteristics mentioned, make an opening on the pot or buy a plate-shaped object on your own, just so your plants are healthy, lasting and growing. 

Regarding design, there are plenty of different decorative plant pots on the market. Here is a list of some of the most popular designs currently.

  • Indian traditional design – The traditional clay planters or also called matkas go well in spaces that have an oriental or eclectic design. They can be embellished with plenty of different colours, and also decorative stones, pearls, as well as fabrics. These colourful, dynamic and vibrant pots can give your home a whole different dimension. 
  • Aboriginal folklore designs -To reflect the community culture, you can use folklore-based designs that tell a story on their own. Known for their bold colours and the distant images of everyday objects, Aboriginal decorative pots are perfect for livening up the space.
  • Mediterranean patterns – The mix of blue and white represents Mediterranean patterns. These are perfect for airy and laidback spaces and rooms with a coastal design.
  • Polka dots – Simple polka dot designs can usually fit whatever interior design you have whether it’s Scandinavian, minimalist, retro or modern. The versatile nature of this kind of pot design makes them an ideal addition to any home.
  • Geometric design – The geometric design looks best when painted with metallic colours, such as copper, bronze, or gold. This makes it perfect for contemporary spaces or art-deco interiors.

Consider the Location of Your Plants

Close-up of cozy corner near the window with decorative pots with plants

While there is not a specific place in your home that has to be fixed as the only place for plants, they do come with a set of rules about where they can be put. In fact, while the pots can take up any space in your home, the plants are pickier and you need to meet their requirements you want them to be thriving. It’s best to do your own research about the conditions that your plants would prefer, and then place them in a suitable spot.

You can also first determine the spots in your home which you want to fill up with plants and then buy them accordingly. This is because certain plants require sunlight, while others don’t like to bask in the sun the whole day. Therefore, while it is not recommended to put plants in direct sunlight, because it may dry them, you should make sure that you put your plants in a sunny room.

Smaller pots can be placed on tables with some plants that don’t grow as much, such as a cactus, while bigger pots should be ideally placed on the floor because of the bigger weight. Pots and plants are usually placed in the living room, while the bedroom and bathroom should be plant-free.

Have you decided which pots and plants you’d like to use for your home? We hope that some of the advice mentioned above will help you choose the best ones for your home.