Jeans for Every Age: The Importance of Looking and Feeling Good

Am I too old to wear jeans? – Many have been asking themselves this question, and the answer is plain and simple – NO. If you find the perfect fit and style, go for it and enjoy it. Trying on jeans can be a daunting experience since the variety of models, sizes, and proportions are so wide, it even seems too much at times. But, luckily, it gets simpler when you know exactly what you want and what you are looking for. Here are some tips on what to search for and what to avoid next time you are out shopping for jeans.


Skinny Jeans

Yes, read it right – skinny jeans can be a perfect fit for mature women who are a bit smaller on the bottom, even if you have a bit of a tummy. For those of you with a bit more tummy, try on skinny jeans with a higher rise, which will help them sit better on your waist. Of course, the classic jeans for mature women still apply – bootcut, stretchy, flared, wide-legged and what not, but to know that the skinny option is suitable and convenient is probably a relief, and it makes you feel good.

Colour, Colour, and Some More Colour

Regardless of your age, a coloured pair of jeans for mature women can look very flattering. If you are one of the few lucky ones with darker skin tone, you can wear almost any colour you set your eyes on. Even for those of you with fair skin, (and the never-ending fear of looking washed out if you wear bright colours), keep calm, there is a solution for you too. Match the colour of your jeans with the colour of your eyes. This is universally flattering!

Say NO to Shredded Jeans

Avoid wearing jeans that are torn on both sides or shredded all over. It is okay if they are ripped just a bit, but be advised that if you go too far, can it look distasteful and not age appropriate. In cases when mature women opt for ripped jeans they unnecessarily put themselves in a position to look too teenager-ish.

jeans for mature women

Say NO to Misfits

If it zips, it fits. A little wriggling, especially with skinny jeans, is normal and needed in order to find the perfect fit. On the other hand, boyfriend cut jeans for mature women should be a loose fit, but not to the point of falling off. Additionally, you need to pay attention to the hem length too. It is not acceptable to let it drag on the floor – it looks sloppy, but too high looks silly. If you can afford it, opt for longer ones to wear with heels and shorter ones that would be a perfect fit with flats.


Last but not least, the details. Avoid heavy stitching and fancy overcrowded pocket details. Keep it simple and classy. Stay away from pockets that stand out, or applications that are too big (even for teenagers), so that you don’t look inappropriate. Be careful, if you try too hard, and go for some too bold choices it may look like you are not comfortable with your age, proportions or your whole body image.