Kids Hip Hop Fashion: Important Features to Look for in Sneakers

Fashion is an interesting way through which children can express themselves, and it seems that the baggy and oversized clothes are among their favourite. Well, this baggy fashion has a name – streetwear and it became popular through hip hop, skateboarding and social media.

The baggy t-shirts, hoodies and looser pants are the things that make this style so cool, and it’s the graphics and logos on them make everything even more special. But all of this adult and kids hip hop fashion would be nothing without one fashion accessory – sneakers. Kids sneakers are the final fashion accessory that can complement the outfit. Although the look of sneakers is paramount, there are some other important things you should focus on primarily.

kids hip hop fashion

Measure the Feet

Whether treating your child with a new pair of kids hip hop fashion sneakers from Converse, New Balance or Nike, measuring the size of his/her feet and checking with the size chart is paramount. How come? Well, usually each brand has their own size chart, so if your child is wearing sneakers in 11 from New Balance, it might need a number up or down from Nike.

The ideal way to do that is by measuring your child’s feet while standing and bearing the full weight with the legs. Now, since our feet are not the same, measuring both of them would be nice, so you can have a clearer picture of what size to choose. The general rule says that it’s always better to choose the shoes that fit the larger foot. Whether walking in the park, running, playing basketball, riding a bike or a scooter, wearing comfortable sneakers is crucial in order to provide the needed comfort.

Allow for Wiggle Room

Footwear experts recommend leaving about 1cm from the end of the longest toe to the end of the shoe. That way your child will be able to wiggle all of the toes without a problem, which can certainly add to the overall comfort.

Try Them at Home

Let Your Child Try Them at Home

Another way to see whether the chosen model of kids streetwear sneakers are the right for your child is to let him/her walk with them in your house. Now, since not all children know how to express themselves (age related mainly), this method can still work as you can check for any red spots on the feet. Take the sock off and inspect for any areas of irritations, and if any, you can also inspect the inside of the sneakers for any extra material, stitching or gluing.

Choose Quality Materials

It goes without saying that one of the ideal materials for kids urban wear sneakers are suede, leather and develop at a great speed up to a certain age, so they really don’t need shoes that can interfere with the development. Their footwear needs to be cushiony, comfy, supportive, flexible, breathable and durable, and all of that can be obtained by wearing quality sneakers. Additionally, most of the sneaker brands are designing footwear in different widths, which allows you to find the right fit for your child. In those situations when dressier shoes are needed, it’s best to insert in them insoles for greater support.

Wearing Shoes Without Socks

Wearing Shoes Without Socks

One of the most common mistakes parents make is letting their children wear sneakers without socks. Although one of the main reasons for this is because some kids just don’t like socks or don’t want them to show, not wearing socks with sneakers can lead to blister and skin rubbing against the shoes. So, in other words, socks act as a barrier between your child’s feet and the sneakers, preventing any bacteria and germ build-up.

Wearing Hand-Me-Down Shoes

Usually, parents with more than one child are keen on this idea. And although there is nothing wrong with it, usually, it is the health concerns one should have in mind. Aside from being the ideal place for bacteria and fungus, older sneakers and shoes in general, might have worn down treads and heel counter. This can certainly lead to decreased foot support and stability. Additionally, leather, suede and canvas are materials that can mould to one’s foot shape, which is another reason why you should avoid providing your child with hand-me-down shoes. The only type you can use as hand-me-down shoes without worries is rain boots as they tend to hold their shape pretty well.