Ladies’ Accessories: The Importance of Scarves

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When you want to add some interest to an outfit, what’s the first thing you reach out for? Accessories, of course! A woman knows the secret to being fashionably dressed day in and day out doesn’t only revolve around the clothing pieces but accessories too because even if you don’t have as many clothing items as you want, with a little help from jewellery, hats and bags you’d be able to pull off various looks.

woman wearing neck scarf

Yet, not all accessories were created equal, since some speak sophistication more than others. In case you were wondering what we’re referring to, it’s ladies scarves. No matter whether you’re looking for that soft and chunky knit piece to keep your neck warm and make it through the colder days of the year, or the silky soft and lightweight alternative for the hotter days, there’s the right scarf for you and your outfits.

Scarf, the Popular Fashion Accessory Through the Centuries

Though it might seem like we’re the ones who are most focused on our looks, the ones investing the most in them as opposed to our ancestors, the truth is scarves go way back in the world of fashion, all the way to the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti and her woven scarf that she wore under a jewelled headpiece.

In the following centuries the scarves were used in the armies over the world, from ancient China all the way to Croatia, and the quality of the fabric indicated the social status as well as the army rank. Also, this accessory was known as the sweat cloth, like in the days of ancient Rome where they wore their sudarium around the waist and neck, and it wasn’t until the 19th century that things began to shift towards the fashion sense mainly thanks to Queen Victoria.

However, a timeline of this accessory would be incomplete if we don’t mention Eleanor of Aquitaine who contributed to the fashion sense with her cascaded scarf falling from the tip of her hat back in the Middle Ages. The film industry had its own notable contribution, with iconic actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly known for their love for the accessory.

Though as we can see they turned into a wardrobe staple gradually, it’s safe to say ladies scarves are among the most important accessories nowadays.

The Benefits of Scarves

Even if you aren’t that much of a fan of scarves, getting to know the various benefits surely speaks in favour of these timeless items. Other than keeping you warm in winter, they’re known to be key in fighting off viruses and preventing asthma attacks, as well as being the ideal cover for the skin to protect it from the damaging UV rays both in the cold and hot days.

woman wearing summer scarf

In the sense of cleanliness, along with wiping sweat away, wearing a scarf can be of essence when you want to prevent dust from ruining your outfits, so it’s easy to see it’s not only a fashionable but a functional piece too; whether you want to add some stylishness or functionality to your looks, the scarf is the key ingredient.

Furthermore, whenever you’re dealing with a bad hair day, instead of sulking or avoiding any social activities that particular day, with the help of a scarf you’d be able to hide the problem while looking your best. If you want to add some colour and pattern to a monochromatic outfit, a scarf around your neck, waist, or even around your bag would do the trick.

beltted scarf

Additionally, they can save you in those situations when you want to hide from relatives and acquaintances, or even when you want to conceal a love bite.; talk about multiuse! They’re the kind of accessories that make it possible to turn a casual look elegant, make a look suitable for days at the beach, strolls through the city, travels, work, or date nights and other special occasions.

Scarf Trends 2020

There’s no doubt ladies scarves are the ideal accessories year-round, not just during the winter, so this makes them a great investment. Thanks to how versatile of a trend they are, and an everlasting at that, there’s no surprise the options are vast in terms of styles and fabrics.

2020 scarf trend

While classy colours such as black and white are all-time favourites along with the earthy tones, you can be sure to find lots of bright coloured scarves in 2020, as well as a variety of patterns and prints including timeless ones such as the tartan, geometric, animal, floral and tribal, though the focus would be more on the fabrics themselves, with more options that are natural and eco-friendly, like 100% cotton and bamboo, and of course silk.

woman wearing scarf as a belt

Likewise, when it comes to trends, no matter which scarf you opt for, the different ways you can wear it are also going to be the trend, so you’re encouraged to have fun showcasing your creativity with the ways you put your scarf around your neck, waist, head, bag, or even your wrist. Here’s a little inspiration in case you need it!