What Makes Hedge Trimmers an Important Gardening Consideration

Every garden is a mirror to its owner, but before it can reflect one’s aesthetic vision, it has to take its pound of flesh. Anyone who has tried (perhaps even succeeded) to perfectly cut a hedge with manual sheers is a person that now highly appreciates the invention of good hedge trimmers. A very experienced one can even tell the difference between a hedge that’s been handled manually and one that’s been taken up a notch, since there’s no way the first can have that neat, clean and sharp finish only a quality trimmer hedge can provide. What’s more, behind every not so neatly trimmed hedge stands a tired person with aching hands.

Trimmer Hedge

Now that the sheers vs trimmer discussion is out of the question (provided there was a discussion to begin with) let’s move on to the questions that really mater when it comes to choosing a trimming ally for yourself.

Where are the hedges located? Will you be able to use an extension cable or maybe you’ll need a cordless or petrol model? How many hedges do you have? How long would it take for you to cut them all? How tall are they? What shape are they in? Will it be necessary for you to cut overhead?

For the purpose of properly addressing the above-mentioned varying factors there are three main trimmer hedge types: electric, cordless and petrol.

Electric hedge trimmers tend to be lightweight, but don’t let that fool you as they are very powerful. These are mainly used for gardens where one can reach all hedges with the attached cable or there is the option for using an extension cord. It’s important to mention that when going around with these, you might accidentally cut the cord. In order to avoid this, make sure you do the job with the cable over your shoulder at all times. Needless to say, you should always rely on a a residual current device (RCD) as to prevent getting an electric shock if cutting of the cord does occur.

Cordless hedge trimmers come with the freedom to cut hedges worry-free, further away from the house. Also, there no risk of accidentally cutting the cord. These trimmers work on powerful batteries and very close to stealing the spotlight of petrol hedge trimmers. Their batteries usually last around 20 minutes and recharge in about 60 minutes. Having a second battery at hand is a must with these, especially if you have bigger hedge area to cut.

Petrol hedge trimmers are the perfect choice for cutting large hedges that come with troublesome thicker branches. Also, using them away from a main power source is what they are made for. With these you can be worry free regarding cutting the cord, plus you won’t need to replace any batteries. A can of petrol sitting ready is all that is required.