Meditation Cushion Is Important In Achieving Comfort So You Can Focus On The Mind

For hundreds of years, there was no specific yoga equipment, so practicing yoga required just your body, spirit and mind. Today these are still the basics, but most of the modern yoga practitioners feel more comfortable having around them a few additional items to make their yoga experience more pleasing. Meditation cushions, yoga bolsters, yoga blankets and other props can significantly improve your comfort level and posture during meditation. As any other practice, meditation also requires proper knowledge of its basics as well as knowledge in how to choose and operate with its tools to ensure a successful session. So, once you learn the yoga basics, you may want to buy yourself some of these items for your next class.

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When it comes to meditation cushions, yogi have used them for centuries to make their practice more rewarding and comfortable. These pieces of equipment can have a huge impact on the success of your meditation session; so, if you want to enjoy a truly peaceful and pleasurable practice, buy meditation cushion.

Regardless which are your favourite yoga poses, a firm foundation and proper alignment are of huge importance during each one. Meditation cushions are essential so that you can be comfortable enough to focus on the mind and not be disturbed by any physical discomfort. These yoga essentials were made to correct the impacts of gravity to the spine which while doing yoga, naturally weights down and causes discomfort after practicing for some time. But while on the hunt to buy meditation cushion that will fit your meditation style best, beware to choose one that will suit the type of ground you are most frequently practicing on. For instance, you will probably need a specific meditation cushion for softer grounds and another one for tiles or wooden floors. If you do most of your meditation practice on hard floors, then a thicker meditation cushion should be your ultimate choice.

These pieces of yoga equipment come in a variety of colours, sizes, and shapes and are made from many different materials. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular choices of colours and the ways they effect your energy:

  • Red is known to elevate energy, thus, it is connected with fire;
  • Violet – including plum and purple, these warm colours have the power to restore balance
  • Yellow – clears the mind and helps restore the mood
  • Blue – the ultimate colour to help you relax
  • Black – boosts discipline and deep inward focus
  • Green – helps create calmness and balance