Memory Foam Mattress: How Does It Affect Your Sleep?

Getting enough sleep helps you stay healthy, fresh and productive. If sleep seems to escape you night after night, it is time to think about all the possible reasons that may cause this condition.
Studies have shown that an extra hour of sleep can make a whole lot of difference in the energy you have through the day. They have also shown that not getting enough sleep can really affect your health, including your mood, weight and sex life.

Creating the right routine for having a good night’s sleep includes turning the TV off at least before midnight strikes, keeping a sleep diary, but also considering whether your bed is comfortable enough to help you make the most of your sleep. Having a comfortable bed with a high-quality mattress is maybe one of the most important things you need to consider before creating the right bed routine. In addition, according to many experts, the right choice that tops all types of mattresses and is perfect for sleeping like a baby, is a quality memory foam mattress.

memory foam mattress

Foam Mattress Support

Unlike hard and innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses distribute body weight evenly. Spring mattresses may look comfortable with their cute pillow-tops, but studies have shown they do not offer enough durability, comfort and pressure point relief. Memory foam mattresses are long-lasting, they provide optimal body support and can significantly reduce pressure point relief (about 80%).

Advantages Of Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Hypoallergenic – Since these mattresses are made of foam with antibacterial properties, dust mites cannot live on the inside.
  • Affordable – You can buy a high quality foam mattress without spending a fortune.
  • Pressure Relief – Foam mattresses can relieve pressure better than any other type of mattress.
  • Motion Isolation – These mattresses have no motion transfer, which means you won’t wake up your partner when turning from one side to another while sleeping.

Innerspring and hard mattresses do offer firmness, but it is not like the one offered by a memory foam mattress. Foam mattresses can be firm to supple, and since they can distribute your body evenly, a firm feeling is guaranteed without feeling any back, muscle or hip pain.

Foam mattresses will make you forget the struggle of having to flip and rotate every three months for even wear. They can be folded and bent without compromising their firmness, which means no maintenance is required.

When looking for your ideal memory foam mattress, you have to take all this into consideration and buy from a reliable brand or retailer with a convenient warranty. The Four Seasons Mattress is an example of full body support and cushioning with its dual size pillowtop of memory foam and natural latex. Also, the PhysioSmart Mattress is designed for reducing heat retention and instead of cotton fabric, it has bamboo fabric for the ultimate relaxation.

The main reason low-quality mattresses remain popular is because of their low cost, but who can put a price on health? Break free from the limits of traditional mattresses, and invest in a memory foam mattress of great value that will serve you for many years to come without undermining your health, back, joints and hips.