Modern Pet Furniture: 6 Buying Dos and Donts to Keep Your Cat Happy

If you have a cat at home, you are in good company. Cats are amazing pets and they bring much love and joy to the family they live with. According to scientists who study human-animal relationships, cats can even improve the quality of life of the family they belong to.

In order to keep your furry friend happy and out of trouble, she will need some kind of activity and engagement. For these reasons, you should consider investing in modern pet furniture such as teepee cat playhouse or a cat scratching post, which can both satisfy your cat’s scratching and territorial needs.

Modern Pet Furniture

Dos and Don’ts When Purchasing Modern Cat Furniture

1. Consider Your Cat’s Behavior

Cats love to curl up and sleep in the afternoon, so you should consider putting your cat furniture in a spot in your home that gets sunlight. But cats also like to climb and hide in dark places. So, cat furniture with stairs, holes, platforms and towers will be appealing for your pet.

2. Consider the Sturdiness of the Furniture

Cats like to play rough and during this play time they can ruin the surface of the furniture you bought for them. For this reason, you need to opt for a high quality and modern pet furniture that can withstand all of these behavioral traits. The majority of cat furniture comes covered in jute or carpet for your feline to scratch, but you should make sure that all pieces are well connected and that no bare wood is available.

3. Consider the Number of Cats You Have

If you have more than one cat, you will want to buy a bigger unit, or ore than one. Look for pieces with several levels where cats can sleep and play. Buying a large piece for your multiple cats will allow each of them to have their own space, thus preventing fights.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Budget

More expensive doesn’t necessarily means higher quality. Take into consideration that owning a cat involves significant expenses, so it is important to save money for unexpected expenses, such as visits to the vet. To avoid spending more than what you can afford, do a research on the various pieces of modern pet furniture available out there and make the right decision based your family’s need.

5. Keep It Simple

The most complex pet furniture may also not be the best for you and your cat. Aside from considering your cat’s needs, you should also research how complicated the piece is to assemble. While you may be able to put together an disassembled piece as easy as one to three, some pieces may take you the entire day just to figure out what tools to use. So, choose a furniture that is easy to assemble and will not be simply sitting in the corner accumulating dust.

6. Don’t Ignore Your Sense of Style

For your cat to be able to use and enjoy its furniture, you will need to make a purchase according to her age, ability, and needs. You may also want to choose a colour of material that suits your home décor. Finding something that works both for you and your pet will make your investment a wise one.