The Most Important Features of a Well-Designed Outdoor Space

According to exterior designers, the exterior of a home is like a cover of a book, giving a hint of what’s inside. So making sure the outside is as beautiful as the inside is paramount, as there is nothing more appealing than seeing a well-designed and clean home. What’s more, who doesn’t love spending quality time with friends and family in their outdoor area – so making it look more attractive and feel more comfortable can be a huge bonus. Luckily, these days it is quite easy to make some improvements to the curb appeal of one’s home without breaking the bank which can significantly increase the value of a home if one day you decide to sell it.

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It’s All about the Colour Green

One of the most essential and obvious ways to improve the curb appeal of a home is by adding greenery and flowers. Green and nicely mowed grass can significantly improve the look of an outside area while the colour itself can help create a more relaxing atmosphere. Instead of planting flowers into the ground, exterior designers recommend adding several appealing self-watering planters that can save you the time required to water the flowers on a daily basis. Some of them can even be linked together which can make for and seamless and clean look.

Note: Taking care of the lawn is essential and should be done diligently, especially when ti comes to wild weeds.

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Improve the Appearance of the Front Door

Another easy way for boosting the curb appeal of any home is front door repaint. This really is an easy DIY job that can turn into a fun family project, however, if not having enough time or not interested in painting, one can always seek professional help. A rule to follow is choosing a colour that can accentuate and enhance the other colours of the home’s exterior.

Invest in the Right Mailbox

It might sound as a less important aspect, but exterior designers claim that unique mailboxes can significantly improve one’s curb appeal. Whether placed on the fence, next to the front door or mounted on the wall, letterboxes are one of the most important pieces that can easily adorn any home without having to splurge a lot. Nowadays, the designs of mailboxes have come a long way, so homeowners can choose between a large selection of unique letterboxes differing in material, style, size and type. Although metal letterboxes (stainless steel in particular) are still trendy, you can also choose from the large selection of wooden unique letterboxes made from quality wood, usually Accoya. The reason for choosing a quality Accoya wood is that this material can outperform any other type of tropical hardwood and timber. Except for wood, these unique letterboxes usually feature an aluminium body for extra durability and longevity. Since the purpose of mailboxes is to be stuffed with mail and improve the curb appeal of the home, you should try to pick one that makes the cut.


Lighting up the Space

Let there be light, said God and helped people create the most affordable, appealing and easy to install type of lights – LEDs (chuckles). Let’s face it, there’s nothing welcoming or beautiful about dark outdoor spaces and entryways, so experts suggest adding as many outdoor LED light lamps as possible because they have the power to make any space appear brighter and cleaner. For example, you can change the front door lighting with some simple LED lights and add solar path lights to make things even more affordable.

Rearrange the Outdoor Living Area

Having enough space to add outdoor furniture is amazing. And while some people love the idea of simplicity and minimalism, there are others who love the idea of using and adding as many things as possible. The latter, however, can sometimes ruin the whole idea of having a comfortable and well-designed outdoor space which is why sticking to the rule “ less is more” is recommended. Exterior designers state that homeowners should strive to achieve balance and make sure that everything is clean and in good condition. There are lots of outdoor furniture options these days, so finding the right type, size and material is easier than ever. Those who don’t have enough free space can make use of the smaller versions of outdoor furniture pieces, or even better, place some outdoor cushions on the ground which can certainly be quite fun and appealing sitting options.

Note: Make sure the chosen fabric is water-resistant and waterproof.

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Accessories Can do Wonders

Last but not least, accessories really have the power to make any place look more beautiful and comfy. Adding candle jars, a vase of flowers on the coffee table or some art print can significantly improve the look of any outdoor space. Adding throw pillows and blankets is just another affordable way to beautify any outer space. The only thing to be careful about is picking the right colour as colours have the power to make or break a space.