Must-Have Accessories for a Comfortable and Safe Caravan Trip

Going on a trip in a caravan with family or friends can be a lovely adventure for everyone. It’s incomparable to anything else. However, in order to avoid problems along the way and have the best time possible, there are many things you have to prepare for in advance. You need to consider everything – sleeping, cooking, safety, hygiene, safety, temperature, storage, power, lights etc., as well as details related to the vehicle itself.


But when it comes to the living conditions in your vacation house on wheels, including comfort and health, eating, sleeping and safety should be the first things of which you should to take care. Fortunately, there are many caravan accessories that can elevate your caravanning experience and make everything run smoothly.

Functioning Caravan Kitchen

Stopping along the way and buying food from restaurants isn’t only annoying and expensive, but it can also be very unhealthy, if your trip is longer. This is why it’s important to have a nicely organised, practical and functioning kitchen in your caravan, that won’t take up too much of the space in the campervan. The list of caravan kitchen supplies isn’t too different than what you’d need for your home kitchen, except that, of course, everything should be much more compact, end more than anything practical.

Apart from the obvious things you’ll need such as the basic kitchen appliances – like a small stove and a small fridge specifically designed for a functioning motorhome kitchen, you would also need some important caravan kitchen accessories for a perfect caravanning experience. Some of these supplies include a sink, a faucet, a sink waste, a water pump, a water tank, as well as storage areas like cabinets and rollout pantries, for storing the tableware, such as the caravan crockery, the utensils, the pans, the glassware, the cups etc.

Though it might seem impossible to get prepared properly, and have everything you need, while also creating a comfortable kitchen that will take into account the lack of space in the RV, thankfully there are caravan kitchenware supplies that can help you with this challenging task. Even if you don’t think you’ll have enough space for everything you need, there are products that have double, or even triple duties to save you even more space than a caravan-specific sinks, collapsible wash tub sinks with drains, etc.


In conclusion, when you are buying caravan kitchen accessories, you should always think about saving space. This not only refers to the fridge, the sink, or other bigger items, but also to the pans, pots etc. For instance, you should try to find cookware with removable handles, and sets that fit into each other.

Sleeping Solutions for Caravanning

sleeping solution

While caravanning, regardless whether you are always going to sleep inside, or you plan dream under the stars a few times, having quality sleeping bags can make all the difference in the world. First off they give you the option to sleep outside if you wish. But more importantly, they are a better choice since most caravan beds are custom made and vary in dimensions, a duvet can hang out of the bed, and fall down all the time. If you decide to go for a duvet anyway, you should seek one that would match your mattress dimensions.

Sleeping bags can be a perfect solution for RV camping, especially when the vehicle is smaller, and if you plan on going camping, since most sleeping bags are specifically designed for sleeping outdoors. This means that if you aren’t planning to camp outside, you should be very careful if you choose to buy sleeping bags, since they can turn out to be too warm for sleeping inside the caravan.

Of course, your personal taste is what will ultimately determine whether you decide to go with a duvet or a sleeping bag, since some people might not like sleeping enclosed, while other might prefer sleeping in a draught-free cocoon. The best thing about sleeping bags is that they come in many forms, different sizes, styles, designs, materials etc., meaning that there would definitely be something that would potentially check all the boxes for you. They can be double or single, thicker or lighter, they can feature hoods, and pillows, they can be sort of a hybrid between a duvet and a sleeping bag etc. To keep yourself extra toasty you can also get sleeping bag liners.

Being Prepared for Worst-Case Scenarios

No one likes thinking about bad things that might happen during traveling, or anywhere for that matter. However, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be prepared for any situation, especially on trips like this, whether you are going on a camping trip in your RV, or you are just visiting places and sleeping in the campervan. Being prepared for caravanning refers to different things. But besides ensuring your comfort, by making a practical kitchen and comfortable sleeping arrangements, you should ensure your safety during your entire trip. For this you’ll need things like a well-stocked first-aid kit, tools, flashlights etc.


Some hard-core adrenaline-seeking hikers that go on survival adventures might tell you that a good hunting knife is all you need to stay safe outdoors. It’s undeniable that knives are very important survival tools. During camping and hiking they can be used for many more things than just for cutting. For instance, you could use them to start a fire, or to cauterise a wound in some extreme situations. However, if you aren’t so adventurous, if you prefer your comfort and, above all, if being as safe as possible is on the top of your priority list, you should make sure you have all the tools you might need. In the interest of saving space, you can’t have every tool possible. Fortunately, you can purchase a multi-purpose survival tool kit to ensure your safety, providing you with most of the things you might need for any situation.

river knive

There are many different multi-tools made adventures like this. Different space saving high-end multi-tools for camping, hiking and surviving can provide you with anything from light, blades, hammers, wrenches, pilers, nail pullers, saws etc. This can be extremely useful not only for simple troubles like a loose cabinet door, but more importantly in the event of any type of emergency.