Nature’s Nurture: How Important Are Organic Skin Care Products

It is a fact of life that our health and beauty are deeply connected with the health and beauty of our environment. If our environment is clean and healthy, so will the food and water we nourish our bodies with. But with society’s industrial expansion, the world became flooded with artificial pollutants and man-made chemicals that not only destroy the balance in nature but also increasingly destroy our bodies as well. It goes so far, that even the very products we use to replenish our skin are ridden with dangerous chemicals. And what we apply to our skin is very likely to make its way into our bodies.

organic skin care products1

Unfortunately, most mainstream cosmetic and skin care products are made of a number of irritating and even toxic ingredients. You know the term “fragrance”? The thing that’s used to give your hand cream its appealing strawberry smell? Well, turns out that “fragrance” is actually a concoction of a bunch of different chemicals, many of which are hazardous to your health. Some chemicals often found in fragrance can cause allergies, dermatitis, respiratory conditions, and even have bad effects on the reproductive system. The same goes for many other ingredients commonly found in cosmetic products.

organic skin care products2

On the other hand, organic skin care products are a choice that’s 100% beneficial for your health as well as the environment. The manufacturing process of the chemical ingredients found in skin care products significantly pollutes the environment, whereas the sprays and perfumes we use get released into the atmosphere produce damage to the ozone layer. But luckily for us, the more people become environmentally aware, the more companies that produce organic skin care products begin to pop up. It’s great to be conscious about what we’re releasing into the environment and what we’re treating our bodies with.

The best thing about organic skin care products is that you will always know what you put on your skin. You will never feel confused by a long list of hard-to-pronounce ingredients or worry whether the product has been properly tested. On the contrary, most organic skin care products consist of only three – five ingredients and some essential oils are even made of one single plant. Because nature is so rich with many wonderful plants, you can find a solution for every skin problem. Suffering from extremely dry skin? Try rosehip oil – nature’s skin balancing solution. On the other hand, geranium oil can normalize the sebum production and thus help treat fatty, acne-prone skin.

These wonderful gifts of nature combined with a healthy, organic diet can help you restore the balance in your body and achieve better results than any abrasive chemical product can.