Ornamental Trees: The Importance of Pruning

Trees are of vital importance as they are the so called lungs of our planet that provide us with oxygen on a daily basis. In addition, they stabilize the soil and provide inviting and cool areas for relaxation and recreation. Well, these are just some of the many reasons why people decide to plant trees in their gardens. If what you want is to buy trees Melbourne online stores have a lot to offer, from small, advanced and ornamental to evergreen, deciduous and a lot more.

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When looking to buy trees Melbourne arborists recommend to shop from a reliable and specialized nursery shop that can provide you with healthy trees and will give you the needed advice on how to take care and maintain them. Speaking of which, today we have decided to share with you why it is so important to prune your trees. Let’s have a look.

What Is Pruning?

Pruning is the process of removing specific parts of a plant in order to help the plant thrive better. When it comes to pruning, branches and shoots are mainly removed, but this could also be performed on seed heads, flower buds, roots and fruits as well. Pruning is in fact a regular maintenance method, since it can make plants grow taller and can make trees denser. To avoid wounding the plant, you need to learn some basic pruning techniques.

Why Prune?

  • Maintain Good Appearance And Plant Health – In order to keep your trees healthy, you need to remove any dead, injured or diseased part. Suckers, water sprouts, spindly and crowded stems must be removed, as well as any crossing branches.
  • Control Size – If you want to keep the size of the tree under control, pruning is a must. When speaking about urban places, this is of vital importance since pruning is a great way to eliminate the tree’s interference with utility lines, visibility of traffic and road signs. When foliage and buds are pruned, the water and nutrients coming from the root system would be redirected to the remaining parts that need more sustenance for growth.
  • Flowering And Fruits Pruning – The removal of fruits and flowers will enhance vegetative growth, which means that it is recommended to completely remove them from young plants so they could get bigger in size within the first years of blooming.
  • Prevent Injury To People And Property – Once the trees grow, the limb position on a trunk will remain unchanged. Limbs that overhang parking areas or structures are a real danger and should be immediately removed. Broken branches should also be removed as they can fall out of the tree and hurt someone.
  • Rejuvenation Of Old Shrubs – When mature, shrubs become sparse and leggy, which can cause a decrease in flower production. This could be restored and the shrubs could be rejuvenated by pruning.

When Is The Best Time For Pruning?

This depends mainly on the type of the plant, the severity of pruning, as well as the desired outcome. Remedial pruning (the removal of dead, broken and diseased branches) can be done at any time of the year. Bottom line, the best way to know when to prune your plants is to consult with an arborist.