Pink Wall Art: Give Your Walls an Artistic Edge

Pink wall print


As much as we wouldn’t want to admit it, first impressions are very important. But not just for people, the same goes for places too. You know those fancy decorations they have in movies and TV shows? A real stunner, right? You just can’t help but not marvel at the sheer beauty. Let’s be real though, most of us can’t afford lavish decorations and elaborate art prints. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t upgrade your interior design while on a tight budget. After all, even if something is more expensive, it doesn’t mean that it’s better.

Speaking of interior design, wall art is often overlooked or considered an afterthought. In reality, contemporary wall art is the final touch to your home decor style that makes everything else come together nicely. If you really want to take it one unconventional step further, try out some sophisticated pink wall decor. Who says that pink is for girls only anyway? It’s a beautiful colour and it works well with all decor styles. Here’s how you can implement it into your home.

Does Colour Have Meaning?

Different colours


The concept of colours having meaning is based on their psychological effects, biological conditioning and cultural beliefs. Basically, people think that different colours can influence your mood in different ways, prompting specific emotions or perhaps even behaviours.

Some colour meanings are so engraved into our minds that they become instant associations. For instance, red is imminently associated with fire and rage and green is almost always associated with plants and nature. Similarly, the colour pink has its own meaning. At first glance, pink may be associated with femininity but it’s so much more than that. It symbolises innocence, playfulness and love. It’s inherently soft, tender and sweet. This of a child’s rosy cheeks or the sugary flavour of cotton candy. You can’t help but feel all warm inside, can you? This is why pink is the perfect room decor colour.

What Are the Different Pink Wall Decor Styles?

Abstract art print


Even though the focus is on the colour pink, there’s a variety of styles and designs you can achieve with a single colour. It’s extremely versatile and easy to play around with. Let’s get into it.

Abstract Prints

Abstract pink wall art pieces allow you to perceive things that are beyond the human realm which is what makes them majestic and ethereal. Simply put, they’re interesting to look at. Abstract art is intensely captivating and wondrous with its visual appeal that leaves you wondering about its meaning. It’s more than just random lines and colours, it’s a statement of imagination, it a spur of emotions and a wonderful addition to your home.

Nature Prints

Landscape is a dearly-beloved and widely accepted wall decor style by the general public. If you feel like bringing the Aussie coast home and marveling at its beauty from the comfort of your couch then coastal prints is the ideal choice for you. If marine life is what tickles your artistic eye then a few relaxing paintings of boats decked on a coast bustling with wildlife is exactly what you need. Really, the choices are endless but as long as you get something you actually like, there’s very little room for error.

Animal Prints

Who doesn’t love animals right? Whether you’re looking for soft and delicate bird prints or bold and daring illustrations of tropical animals, these types of pink prints are no doubt going to add some spark to your walls. Pink is the perfect colour for this style since it’s bright and exotic so it sets the proper mood. Think outside the box and get original pink art prints to really make your home stand out from the rest.

Architecture Prints

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the suburban lifestyle or the bustling melting pot of the urban city life, you simply can’t go wrong with architecture prints. Their playful yet sophisticated illustrations of townhouses or present-day modern buildings are quite aesthetically pleasing and interesting to look at.

There’s a wide range of other style options available on the market, this was just a quick glimpse of a few highlights. The type of style that works for others may not work for you so don’t be biased by popularity.

What Are the Different Wall Decor Types?

Framed pink wall prints


Generally speaking, pink wall decor can come in three different types – canvas, framed and unframed. Here’s what you get with each one.

Framed Wall Decor

As the name suggests, these types of prints come with a suitable frame for protection and display. This means that you won’t need to shop for an additional frame, that job has already been done for you. Framed prints are a formal decorative option with a traditional look and feel. Simple but effective.

Unframed Wall Decor

While this type doesn’t come with a pre-packed frame, you can easily shop for one on your own. This makes room for freedom of choice and customisation, which some of you might greatly appreciate.

On the other hand, if you genuinely don’t want frames for your art pieces, there are a few other methods to hang frameless prints. You can use binder clips or thumb tacks as a quick and subtle hanging method.