Post Workout Supplements: The Importance of Muscle Recovery

Whilst in the early days of the bodybuilding craze it was a lot harder to gain muscle mass, nowadays with the help of sports supplements it’s easier to get all the nutrients you need. There are different types of sports supplements today that are consumed at different periods during the day for maximum success. Whilst most people consider taking pre-workout supplements as a must-do routine that will boost their endurance and power up their muscles, one shouldn’t overlook the benefits after workout supplements can provide.

Are Post Workout Supplements Necessary?


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When it comes to repairing damaged muscles from intense weightlifting, introducing post-workout sports supplements to your diet is not just necessary but in fact crucial for muscle growth. Recovery is an underrated part of building muscles and safe and effective post workout supplements aid in it. As long as you’re using the right supplements, that is. In the case of post-gym supplements, you don’t have to know a wide assortment of products and ingredients. The following types of supplements are simple and can easily be included in your diet for more gains.

Types of Post Workout Supplements


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While carbohydrates should be taken both before and after a workout, they really show their usefulness when it comes to recovery. Carbs help refuel your muscles which is especially important after they’ve been hard at work. By increasing glycogen levels you no longer feel as tired and reduce the risk of injury.

B6 & B12

Mainly found in meat both B12 and B6 vitamins are important for the formation of red blood cells in our body. These vitamins also help reduce inflammation which is what you’re muscles experience after a tough workout. B6 and B12 both help regulate bodily processes so you feel stronger for your next workout.

Tart Cherry

With this ingredient in your post-workout supplements, you won’t need to wait a long time for sore muscles to stop hurting. Tart cherry acts like an ibuprofen shot, it acts immediately and the effects are much better than taking an anti-inflammatory drug. Your muscles are able to recover faster so you don’t go into the next workout experiencing pain.


Also known as branched-chain amino acids are a mixture of three important amino acids valine, isoleucine, and leucine. In order to digest food, our bodies use amino acids to break it down. But amino acids also help repair body tissue and growth. BCAA’s can help repair muscle tissue after an intense workout and they’re particularly important when you want to build big muscles fast.


Glutamine is beneficial not just for recovery but also for muscle growth and performance. This type of amino acid also serves as fuel for your muscles. BY increasing your body’s glutamine supply you help it recover faster and improve your performance in the gym. Being able to lift more means you tear more muscle tissue and thus grow your muscles stronger.

Fish Oil

One of the most essential ingredients for recovery, fish oil, can also help reduce inflammation. The omega-3 essential fatty acids are what reduce inflammation on a cellular level. But before you increase the dosage of your fish oil sports supplement you should consult with your doctor. Otherwise, keep your intake as preferred by the supplement manufacturer.


Useful for both performance and muscle growth, creatine is the most researched post-workout supplement to date. Being both safe and effective, post-workout sports supplements with containing creatine can help improve lean body mass, and strength too. Supplying your muscles with energy is what creatine does best.

Pre vs Post Workout Supplements


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While some of the above-mentioned ingredients are found in both post and pre-workout supplements there is a difference between the two. Pre-workout supplements may contain some of the ingredients post-workout sports supplements have but they are meant to be taken at different times. A pre-workout supplement is made to provide you with energy in order to improve your athletic performance.

Depending on the mixture of ingredients sometimes you may need to take a pre-workout sports supplement 30 minutes before an intense workout. Other times this needs to be an hour before a workout but never more than 1 hour or less than 30 minutes before. Usually, 30 minutes is the sweet spot that gives your body enough time to digest all the ingredients and put them to good use when needed. A pre-workout supplement is a boost that helps you go through your workout without any slack.

Post-workout sports supplements, on the other hand, don’t need to boost your body and therefore they are used after an intense workout. As you already know a good number of ingredients found in pre-workout supplements are found in post-workout ones. The difference is the ingredients they’re mixed with that makes the supplement a post-workout one. With a post-workout supplement, you get the much-needed fuel for muscle synthesis what is known as recovery.

In fact, the phase of recovery is where the muscle grows and not when you’re actually working out in the gym. Some would say that the period after a workout is more important than the workout itself but both are equally as important. Post-workout supplementation should be taken up to 30 minutes after a workout. Wait a little bit longer and the supplement won’t be as effective at keeping sore muscles lasting shorter periods of time.