Prime Mover Truck – Importance Of Drivers’ Health And Wellbeing

Prime mover truck driving might be one of the best paid jobs in the world, but there are many health issues involved. With the rise of purchased number of prime movers for sale in Australia, the number of accidents and early deaths of truck drivers has also increased, leading to a truck drivers shortage and increased costs. This is why trucking companies do not hire drivers who do not pass required medical exams, including the current drivers (all drivers must pass the medical exam after the expiration of the current medical cards). This is the major factor that forces the truck companies to start looking for ways to improve the health and wellbeing of their truck drivers.


One way of ensuring superior safety is regular and proper maintenance. Generally, all prime movers for sale Australia are loaded with safety-tested features. Still it does not hurt to implement additional preventive measures. For example, all prime movers for sale Australia come with a powerful engines. But this is not enough to ensure superior safety. If not maintained properly and regularly, accidents are inevitable. Therefore, regularly inspect engine oil and other fluids to ensure top performance and safety.

In addition to taking good care of the truck, it is highly recommended for prime mover truck drivers to follow a health and wellbeing program. In fact, most truck drivers’ health problems can be eliminated or at least reduced to minimum, with few lifestyle changes only. This is why many trucking companies start to address that exercise and proper diet are the two areas their truck drivers should pay more attention to. According to many researches, the majority of truck drivers in Australia are overweight or obese. And we all know that excessive weight is a contributing factor to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, etc.

There are many companies in Australia that offer some type of health and wellbeing programs for truck drivers. These play an important role in helping all people involved in the trucking industry to realize the benefits of exercising and eating healthy. Some companies also have personal trainers available not only for the drivers, but for all of the employees. Over the recent years, this has shown positive results as this has helped many truck drivers make the first steps towards improving their eating habits. But, the bottom line is, it is the truck drivers that must take responsibility of themselves.

Lack of exercise and bad diet are the two most contributing factors to illnesses, especially increased risk of heart attack. Unfortunately, most drivers do not exercise at all and do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. And it is hard to tell if this trend will ever change regardless of the fact that truck drivers themselves are very much aware of the fact that exercising and eating healthy food can have a major positive impact on their health.