Handbags Buying Guide: The Most Important Part of Any Outfit

Bags are the key functional and stylish pieces in any outfit. Besides enabling you to carry all of your necessities with you, they are the basic ladies’ accessories that can make or break any look. When choosing the right bag, there are so many options that you can end up being even more confused. One type of bag that’s extremely popular among women is the handbag. They’re so versatile that, nowadays, it’s hard to categorise which bags fall under this category and which don’t. When choosing, put the function of the bag first and you’ll know what you need.

The Summer Essential: A Versatile Rattan Handbag

Rattan bag
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A good straw bag will always be the definition of summer. This is where the timeless wicker bag comes in. Wicker is the technique that’s used for making woven products of plant origin, like rattan, willow, and bamboo, but synthetic materials are used today as well. Rattan is a very popular material for making bags. If you need a stylish and practical bag, a gorgeous rattan handbag is the way to go.   

They can be found in any size and different shapes, but the round bag is the ultimate choice for summer. It typically has a pattern in circles and some will have a more intricate weaving or some kind of holes and detailing on the surface. The inside is lined with some kind of material for keeping your valuables safe. Their straps can be made of leather or other material and no bag will look exactly the same due to the fact that’s handmade. For this reason, there can be variations in colour and shape as well.

You can find a rattan bag for any style, budget, and occasion. Although usually associated with summer and flowy dresses, they can work with any combination if you style them properly. Jeans, day dresses, stripes, and layers, all can look good with a proper bag. One trend that can be seen everywhere is accessorising the bag with your favourite bandana or handkerchief. Tie it around the strap and it’ll seem like an entirely new bag.

These bags are very practical when going on a vacation as well. Since you need to be mindful about the items you pack, the versatile rattan handbag has everything you need. It’s compact and won’t take up much space but it’s big enough for storing anything that you need while walking around and visiting places. Plus, it makes every outfit better, so you don’t have to compromise on style while travelling.

The Convenience Series: A Large Tote Bag

tote bag
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Totes are larger, rectangular bags that come in many styles and materials. They have one compartment and usually don’t have any kind of closure at the top. Light, shopping totes are used primarily for grocery shopping and are big enough to fit many products. They can be easily stored and don’t take up much space because they’re foldable. There are more modern bags as well that are made of sturdier materials. They’re practical and spacious so you can fit all of your personal things in the bag. You can easily throw in items and take them out without any hassle. Their sophisticated design makes them suitable for running errands around town and going to work.  

Functionality and Style in One: A Backpack Purse

We know how useful a good backpack is but it doesn’t have to look like you’re going on a hike every time you wear one. There’s a ton of fashionable backpacks that are made for everyday use. The backpack purses that have the size of a typical handbag and are made to be worn by their handle can be seen a lot lately. Their advantage is that they offer everything that a standard backpack has, with all the extra space and compartments, and can be worn as regular backpacks as well. This is very practical for those who take a lot of items with them because by evenly distributing the weight on your back, shoulder and back injuries can be avoided.

Backpack purses can be found in all different kinds of materials and styles. They can be as tiny as your hand or as big as your regular handbag and are oftentimes adorned with decorative zippers, tassels, and pom-poms. They’re usually part of casual wear but there are a lot of designer looks that can be combined with business-casual attire.

Mini Sophistication: A Handy and Modern Clutch

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Clutches are reserved for special occasions since you can’t fit much in them. Although pretty small, they can elevate the outfit like no other bag. They usually don’t have any straps or handles and can use different methods of closing. A sliding clasp is a pretty common way because it makes the clutch look more elegant. You can hold them in your hand or carry them under your arm, whichever’s more convenient.

There are plenty of options when it comes to the materials, styles, shapes, and colours. They can be simple and subtle, or textured, embroidered, and sequined. You’ll be able to take with you just as much as you need in your clutch, and it’ll be the perfect finish for any evening look.

Practicality and Fashion: A Highly-Adaptable Fanny Pack

Fanny packs or belt bags are the latest trend among influencers. It’s a small pouch that offers numerous possibilities for styling and wearing. You can choose to wear it on your waist instead of a belt, lower on the hip, on your shoulder, and across your body like crossbody bags. Their primary function was practicality since they’re small but roomy enough for the essentials. Also, they keep your hand free and your valuables safe because you have them in front of you. They are comfortable and can be combined with anything you have in mind. From everyday sportswear to evening sophistication, you can find a fanny pack suitable for every outfit.