Ready to Ride: Important Motorcycle Accessories for Beginners

The “bad news” if you’re on the market for new motorbike gear is you can expect to spend more than normal on your shopping expedition. Yes, it is costly. However, the appropriate equipment is so crucial that it should be your priority in terms of budget. You can have just as much fun on a less powerful, older motorcycle.

However, there is a non-negotiable base fee for the essential gear. Furthermore, the comfort, safety, and mental clarity you gain from purchasing the proper gear will be repaid in riding enjoyment, and that is certainly priceless.

Protect Your Head With a Helmet

Helmets can range in price from a few to hundreds of dollars, although the price does not directly correlate to safety. Any new helmet with a Department of Transportation certification will fulfil industry-regulated crash standards and protect you. A good rule of thumb is to stick to well-known brands and you will be safe.

Motorcycle Helmet

Spending more than $200 offers you lighter, quieter, and generally more comfortable helmets than entry-level versions. You can choose between an open-face, 3/4, or half helmet, similar to what you might see on a Vespa. However, the bulk of head injuries from motorcycle accidents occur on motorcycles, which is why it’s so important to avoid buying cheap or used when it comes to protecting your head.

Invest in a Quality Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets are available in a wide range of styles, with leather and textile jackets both providing adequate protection. Leather jackets are an absolute classic and can save the day when it starts to rain or snow, but textile jackets are just as cool and usually more breathable and style-wise more versatile.

Motorcycle Jacket

Look for features such as double stitching for added durability, mesh lining for breathability, and snug (but not too tight) fit to keep the jacket in place in windy situations. Many jackets have built-in armour to additionally protect you in the event of a collision, and others may be updated with more armour. Do some research on reputable brands of motorbike jackets as not every jacket that looks like one is built to work as one.

Protect Your Legs With a Pair of Riding Pants

When you’re riding, your favourite pair of jeans may look terrific, but they’ll do little to protect you if you crash. Same as with the need for a reliable motorcycle jacket you ought to nvest in a pair of motorcycle-specific jeans with armour padding on the knees and ankles to protect you in the event of a crash. Some pants have zippers or loops that attach to jackets to keep your clothes as close to your body, which can save you from the scorching sensation of road rash in case of an accident.

Don’t Leave Without Your Riding Boots

Motorcycle Riding Boots

Riding boots are yet another essential piece of gear for all motorcycle riders. To keep your feet and legs straight and steady while riding, you need firm support all the way down the leg. Twist a pair of boots from heel to toe to see how they react. In a crash, any boot design that does not maintain its shape will not adequately protect your feet. Non-slip soles will also assist you to maintain your grip on any slippery roads you may encounter.

Top It off With Motorcycle Gloves

After your head, your hands are among the most susceptible body parts in an accident, so protect them with a sturdy pair of motorcycle gloves that go hand in hand with your stylish motorbike jackets. Choose a pair of gloves made of leather or durable synthetic materials, and check the stitching quality. Padding on the knuckles and at the wrist-palm junction is also a good feature to look for, as these are the impact places of your hands in many motorbike wrecks.

Not All Backpacks Are Motorcycle Approved Backpacks

If you’re riding a motorcycle with a backpack, be sure it’s a motorcycle backpack. A regular backpack can put you in danger of spine damage. A rider’s balance might be affected by a heavy pack during a ride or a fall. If a rider falls, the bag may trap on the rider’s spine and twist it, or the objects in the pack may inflict injury. Furthermore, many backpacks are not ergonomic, causing imbalances or discomfort when worn for long periods.

Motorcycle Backpack

Make the Best of a Group Ride With an Intercom System

Riding with a more experienced friend is an excellent method to improve your skills. A motorbike helmet headset is a terrific way to make the most out of a group ride. These modern wireless communication systems will keep you in constant contact with your pal riders while also allowing you to maintain your hands on the bars and your eyes on the road.

Finding the best beginner motorcycle gear might be difficult, but it’s critical for your comfort and, more importantly, your safety. If you’re still unsure, go shopping with a more experienced biker friend who can assist you figure out what you should look for, not just for your protection but for your bike as well. Just as much as you need your adventure jacket, your bike needs maintenance tools so it’s not a bad idea to begin stocking up on those, too.