Royal Canin: Healthy Treats for Dogs on Therapeutic Diets

For many dogs, a diet containing the proper amounts of nutrients such as protein, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals is enough for maintaining their optimal health. However, in some instances, your veterinarian may recommend a special therapeutic diet for your canine companion. These diets are specially designed to combat or prevent certain diseases in cats and dogs. Obesity, food allergies, bladder stones, kidney disease, and neurological issues are some of the health conditions that can be treated and improved by therapeutic diets.

Compared to a regular diet, therapeutic diets for dogs are known to weigh certain minerals, protein, fats, carbohydrates, and other nutritional components to determine their effectiveness when treating certain diseases. For this reason, in addition to other health veterinary supplies, many pet owners decide to introduce special dietary products in their dog’s diets to improve their quality of life and overall health. And out of the variety of therapeutic dog foods on the market, Royal Canin is one of the most trusted brands. So, let’s learn a thing or two about it.

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Why Do Veterinarians Recommend Royal Canin Food?

The pet food manufacturer, Royal Canin has spent decades working in close collaboration with veterinarians, breeders, and nutritionists from around the world to develop good quality dog food formulas that can address specific dog’s dietary requirements. Over the years, they created the most comprehensive lines of veterinary exclusive treats to provide the most effective nutrition for every pet. They offer a wide range of products based on size, age, breed, lifestyle, and therapeutic requirements.

The Best Royal Canin Treats for Your Dog

Royal Canin produces both wet and dry foods, that are specially formulated and can help to address specific health conditions in dogs such as obesity, digestive issues, skin irritation, urinary, joint issues, liver failure, and many more. Here, we listed a few of Royal Canin’s best and most common treats for dogs with special diet requirements. Each one of them is a specially designed formula that tackles a certain medical condition.

Royal Canin Canine Satiety Treats

The Royal Canin Satiety dog treats are part of a specially designed formula for overweight and obese adult dogs. These low-calorie Royal Canin Dog biscuits help support healthy weight loss in dogs, containing only 3.5 calories per treat.

Enriched with many nutrients ( in particular proteins, minerals, and vitamins), this formula is made specifically to compensate for the effect of energy restriction during a weight loss program.

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It is a special blend of fibres, that increases the volume of the stomach contents, promoting satiety and reducing the feeling of hunger. The satiety support formula enables your dog to receive a 32% larger portion than an average high fibre weight loss diet.

Besides, this treat contains other specific nutrients ( including omega 3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA), glucosamine, and chondroitin) which help to support healthy bones and joints in dogs under stress caused by excess body weight.

Royal Canin Urinary Treats

Royal Canin Urinary Treats is a specially created formula for dogs with urinary health concerns. This pet food effectively dissolves particular urinary stones called struvites and prevents their reoccurrence. It’s of moderate calorie content which is ideal for maintaining a healthy weight in dogs. Moreover, it lowers the risk of crystal formation using the RSS methodology for bladder health.

Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low Fat Dry Food

These healthy Royal Canin dog biscuits are abundant with specific nutrients to support digestive health in dogs. Containing a very low-fat level, they improve the digestive function in dogs through the combination of fermentable fibers ( beet pulp adn FOS) and specific minerals. The formula also contains an antioxidant complex that fights certain free radicals, maintains healthy DNA, and promotes a healthy immune system.

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Royal Canin Skin Support

The Skin Support Royal Canin dog biscuits contain highly digestible proteins that help to improve the skin’s natural defences and promote healing. Reinforcing the skin barrier with essential nutrients can support healthy skin in dogs prone to skin sensitivities and irritation. This product is specially made to reduce skin and GI reactions that may be a result of sensitivities to a common protein found in pet foods. It can be used in a wide variety of skin condition cases such as atopic dermatitis, flea bites allergy dermatosis, and excessive loss of hair.

Considerations When Choosing Royal Canin Dog Foods

There is no denying that the food we choose to eat on a daily basis can impact our overall health and well-being. Therefore, exploring the importance of proper nutrition for your dog can have enormous health benefits, especially for dogs who are on therapeutic diets. As dogs on prescription diets require specialized food, considering some important factors such as the dog’s health condition, age, size, and breed is crucial.

Health Conditions and Breed

The individual health of your dog is unique as they are. Different breeds of dogs will require a different formulation because of their unique metabolism, coats, or digestive system. Royal Canin provides extensive scientific and nutritional research for breed-specific treats, to create the best nutritional products for dogs. By choosing a Royal Canin product that is complementary to your dog’s specific health condition, you can help their insides be as strong as their outsides.

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Ingredients List

One of the main protein sources in Royal Canin products is chicken. Depending on the type of prescription diet, different formulas contain different ingredients. However, some of these ingredients can also cause digestive and allergic reactions in certain dogs. That being said, paying careful attention to the ingredient list and consulting your veterinarian before introducing certain food to your dog’s diet is very important.


Royal Canin food is generally known to be pricier than most dog food. This is mostly due to the fact that their products contain a wide range of natural ingredients in their content. However, this fact doesn’t make them completely unaffordable, especially if used as a short-term veterinary or cleansing diet. You can find small bags of breed-specific dog products on store shelves for around $20 while larger bags are known to cost between $30 and $50.