Importance of Physical Activity for Children: Scooters are A Fun Way to Pull Your Kids Away From the TV

I’m one of those parents who are honestly scared about raising their kids in this digital 21st century. With the massive take-over of every aspect of social life by computers and smart phones, it really is hard to make kids enjoy outdoor games involving other children, team games and to experience even a bit of the fun we used to have when we were kids.

Today unfortunately, it seems like for children fun comes in the form of either computer games or watching You Tube cartoons. Or, to put it in a more literal way: instead of playing outdoors and carelessly growing up, most kids sit in a fetus-like position at home, staring in an iPad, a laptop or a TV! Truly, a very concerning matter.


Being completely aware of the damage this “style of growing up” could do to my boys (make them asocial in the worst case scenario), I decided to ban technology for them until they form some healthy habits of playing outside and learn how to play some sports, like basketball for example. However, playing in a basketball team has certain age requirements, which is perfectly fine (their time will come eventually), so until then, I decided we were going to be forming some healthy habits together – riding scooters.

So, I bought a scooter for me and my wife for this particular purpose. We also did some kids scooter online shopping along with the kids, so they could choose what they like most. We got everything delivered at home: the scooters with all the extras, the protective equipment and some suitable clothing so we could really experience all the joys of this adventure. The great convenience of kids scooter online shopping came as a blessing to me, since at that point I really wasn’t able to go shopping and face the vast offer of designs and price ranges. Plus, shopping with kids – not the best idea in the world.


So, why did I choose scooter riding in the first place?

First, I wanted them to learn how to behave on the streets in the neighbourhood. Sure they’re still very young, but the earlier the beginnings, the better the results. I was thinking about roller blades as well, but then I thought it was better to teach them how to keep their balance first. Roller blading needs prior ability to balance well on wheels.

Next thing, I figured if addiction in youngsters is inevitable, then I’d rather have my kids being hooked up on outdoor activities rather than on technology. I can’t think of a single benefit from sitting indoors and being trapped between four walls for an entire day. It’s not healthy, on the contrary – it’s rather detrimental to the human organism – the air isn’t fresh and how would you get your much needed dose of vitamin D?

And finally, I like to teach my kids the importance of performing physical activity on a daily basis. Being physically active isn’t just a way to be good to your body, but it’s also a way to develop your social skills and even train your creativity while inventing new games, new rules and generally new stuff to fill up your free time with fun. Computers and TVs are great but they should certainly not be the designers of your kids’ character, but rather mere helpers in their development as healthy and successful personas.