Side Tables – Important Tips For Creating Living Room Bliss

What do you think is the most important piece of furniture that can infuse your living room with style? Beside accent chair, that is a side table. Even though often overlooked, these accent pieces deserve attention. Just like carpets and rugs, side tables may not be the focal point of your living room, but they definitely do tie the space together.

Aside from being practical and perfect storage solution (for your drink, book, TV remote control, etc.), side tables can easily make or break the look of your living room. Check out what side tables can do for your room, including few super-stylish ideas that will inspire you to turn your living room from blah to fab.

1. Bring a new element into the room. Hand made side tables made from hardwood make a great opportunity to bring in the rich wood and just the right dose of uniqueness to already elegant upholstered living room furniture.

2. Add a modern element. Wire side tables have the ability to make any room look more modern.

Moreover, they provide a great way to add more accent to the room like adding an antique vase and plants.

side tables 1

3. Introduce Texture. Break the boring straight-line pattern with a drum style, studded, colorful leather side table. Place 4-5 nicely stacked books and an antique bowl on the side table to add texture and style to your living room instantly. Plus, the height and scale of these tables look just right next to the sofa and accent chairs.

4. Add Shine. Metallic side tables are a great way to add some chrome to your living space without overdoing it.

5. Create a coffee table cluster. You do not have a coffee table? No problem. Just use two or more side tables like in the picture provided below. As you can see, here these two gorgeous side tables act as coffee table in this unconventional living room. Their unique finish makes a great combination with mixed colours. You can use them as end tables placed on both sides of sofa or as an extra seating for when you have guests over.

side tables 2

6. Invite the outdoors in. Regardless what your style is, a natural tree stump end table with a glass top is a versatile and intriguing option. Your guests will love it!

7. Add a sculptural element. A contemporary piece featuring a unique design can represent a quiet sculptural element to a monochromatic living space. Some models can even offer the benefit of providing different levels of storage.

side tables 3

8. Add a popular look. Use ceramic garden stools as side tables. Available in various shapes, sizes and prices, you can also move them to your outdoor space when you need them.