Street Style: Knit Hats Trend For Winter

Oh the joy of being a fashionista! I really can’t understand people who don’t enjoy in altering the way they look by playing with clothes and experimenting with styles. You don’t have to be a stubborn rock music-lover to wear a cool, black leather jacket with army boots and skinny jeans, nor you have to be a princess to wear a fancy long dress with a pair of dizzying high heels. You just need to have the desire to look good while pulling off a style that may or may not be your thing.

Today’s topic of discussion – winter. I must say that I don’t enjoy it at all; I hate being cold, I don’t like it when I have a few layers of clothing on me and I hate it when my hair gets messy because I need to wear a hat. But, lets leave the technicalities aside for a while; winter may be cold and cruel to female beauty (and male for that matter) but it sure is the right occasion for some really cool outfits complemented with knit hats – the ultimate winter, must-have accessory. Check out these cool street style combinations with knit hats.

knit hats

The casual all-occasions-ready style

This can be seen from two perspectives: you can turn to either the jeans, blouse and boots along with a coat and a knit hat alternative, or, the more feminine version: a knit dress with high boots, a knit hat, a scarf and a coat option. The knit hat fits perfectly well in both styles and it will help you hide your bad hair day and protect your head from the cold.

The fancy street walker

A fancy street walker wears high heels with jeans and skirts and she wears them perfectly. Now you may be thinking that a knit hat doesn’t go along with a pair of fancy high heels, but you are wrong: depending on the thickness of the knit, you can combine the hat with jeans, some fancy shirt and a nice coat to go well with the heels; talk about a head-turning outfit in the middle of the day!

The stylish sporty outfit

This would normally include sneakers, a large and very wide knitwear, a leather jacket or a rain coat. You can add a large knit scarf that can be wrapped in layers and of course, a knit hat. Think of this outfit as the loose version of the casual style; it’s something you can put on fast, accessorize it and hit the streets looking fancy and comfortable at the same time – something that’s so hard to achieve these days.